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Job Ready Skills for the 21st Century: An Essential Component of Student Leadership (EDUD63X)

Presented by: Dr. Aaron W. Hughey
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Pre Recorded Webinar
90 minutes
Event Description
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Learn to Develop a Student Leadership Program that Prepares Students for the Challenges of the 21st Century!

Student leadership programs in higher education play a critical role in preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Many programs, however, are out of alignment with realities leaders of the future will inevitably face. Some emphasize skills and competencies that are no longer applicable to the dynamic and ever-evolving global employment landscape; some seem to be preparing students for a world that no longer exists. It is imperative that student leadership programs better prepare those who will take over key leadership roles in the coming decades. An integral component of this preparation involves acquiring a realistic and in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the workforce of tomorrow. The challenges will be enormous; the better we equip today’s students to successfully negotiate the turbulent era that lies just ahead, the more likely they will be, as leaders, to keep society in general, and the global economy in particular, moving forward.  Student Leadership Programs play a pivotal role as a connection to the proverbial “real world”.

This session with expert speaker Aaron W. Hughey will discuss all the bases that need to be covered in order to be successful in a fast-paced, globally-focused competitive business environment, together with their implications for the development and implement of effective student leadership programs. When a staff member is promoted into a position, he/she is delegated the responsibility of managing people. Basic supervisory techniques are changing. This session will focus on evolving leadership styles, critical considerations when leading others, basic expectations and the monumental differences between the past and new evolving leadership paradigms. Skills and competencies that help students be more ‘job and career ready’ will be emphasized.

“The 21st century presents many new challenges for both employees and business leaders. In an interconnected, fast moving world, we need to learn cognitive flexibility, stress tolerance, and divergent thinking. While technology can make us more effective, new theories of leadership emphasize the importance of trust and establishing long-term relationships. In a competitive world, we need leaders with novel ideas, who are willing to take risks, inspire and motivate, and build new strategic partnerships to address global challenges.” – Psychology Today

This session will cover:

  • Success in The Global Workplace:
    • The right attitude (cooperation, motivation and pride)
    • The right behaviors (efficiency, effectiveness follow-through)
    • The right habits (time and resource management, constant improvement)
    • The right values (reliability, honesty and trustworthiness)
    • Pulling it all together
  • Successful Leadership:
    • Introduction to leadership concepts
    • The changing leadership paradigm
    • The behavioristic approach
    • The excellence model
    • The personality type model
    • Leadership: The past, present and future
    • What leadership is and is not
    • Diagnosis of leadership styles
    • Use of leadership styles
    • Setting expectations for staff members/employees
    • Accountability considerations

Learning Objectives

  • How the world has fundamentally changed over the last thirty years and how it will continue to change at an ever-increasing pace throughout the current century.
  • How everything, including our concept of leadership, is being radically altered as a result of technology, globalization and diversity. 
  • To identify the attitudes, behaviors, habits and values necessary to be successful in tomorrow’s work environment.
  • To articulate the reasons why these attitudes, behaviors, habits and values are essential for success in tomorrow’s work environment.
  • To demonstrate competence in exhibiting these attitudes, behaviors, habits and values.
  • How job requirements of the future differ from those of the past
  • To understand and appreciate basic leadership styles, concepts, and issues.
  • The origins and inevitable trajectory of transformational supervisory and management concepts.
  • The requirements for change, flexibility, and team effort.
  • Things a leader increasingly should and should not do.
  • To create a positive climate for enhancing worker performance.
  • The difference between leadership and management.
  • How to be perceived as a leader in the new age.
  • Effective leadership styles and how to develop them.
  • To diagnose situations and apply the most effective style.
  • To set different expectations for different people.
  • How to transition from student leadership to leadership in the post collegiate world.

Who should attend?

This webinar is appropriate for anyone who develops, administers, coordinates, facilitates, advises or sponsors student development leadership programs at any level of higher education.

About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Aaron W. Hughey | Student Affairs & Retention SpeakerDr. Aaron W. Hughey
Dr. Aaron W. Hughey is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs at Western Kentucky University, where he oversees the graduate degree program in Student Affairs in Higher Education. He is also a member of the President's Task Force on Student Retention at WKU. Before joining the faculty in 1991, ... More info

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    Event Title: Job Ready Skills for the 21st Century: An Essential Component of Student Leadership
    Presenter(s): Dr. Aaron W. Hughey

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