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Advising Beyond Academics: How To Incorporate Experiential Learning Curriculum Into The Student Experience (EDU361R)

Presented by: Kent Seaver
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, March 29, 2016
Event Description
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Success Strategies for Student Advisors - Develop a Purpose, Express Values and Create Specific Frameworks

The Center for Community College Student Engagement, or CCCSE, has long stated that community colleges are increasingly aware of the need to substantially increase the completion of certificates and degrees. But this can be said of ALL colleges: public, private, two and four year. To sustain our local and national economies, not to mention produce successful and completing students, colleges must look at how their students are advised, from beginning to end.

There is no one way to advise a student. Students and advisers are all different, but they do normally have one common goal in mind: that of success. Data and benchmarks are used in many areas of education, but it can't be stressed enough how important the people who create that data are to the entire process. Without those persons, the whole process would not exist.

The specific decisions made by academic advisers, regardless of what advising theory they embrace, must be focused on the "why”: why we do what we do and why the results that come with those decisions matter. Developing a purpose, expressing specific values, and discussing specific frameworks for why we do something will be at the center of this session. Specific focus will be on assessment plans for advising, as well as the impacts those plans reveal. You will understand the steps that have been successful in higher education for the purpose of replication: if one college can do it maybe another can learn from it.

This session with expert speaker Kent Seaver will look at the entire academic probation issue from beginning to end: the reasons for students taking the classes they do; the factors that limit students' ability to successfully function in certain academic settings; and most importantly, what steps can educators take to turn a probation student into a college graduate.

Kent will focus specifically on ideas implanted at colleges and universities that can and have been replicated elsewhere. After attending this session, you can take back to your institutions possible and practical answers and solutions to the problem of students not succeeding. These answers are beneficial because they have worked elsewhere; they are not just theory!

Session Highlights

  • How has Habley's model been used, and tweaked, to advise the 21st Century student.
  • How advisors use assessment data when working with various student cohorts.
  • Making advisors, and students, aware of the various resources that assist in completion.
  • Look at Intrusive and Faculty advising as models for success.
  • Examine strategies for addressing issues that can produce effective advisor training programs.

Who should attend?

This event is perfect for those in academic advising offices, as well as faculty and staff specifically charged with advising students in 2 and 4 year colleges. Finally, those invested in the graduation rates of colleges would benefit from understanding how the entire advising process relates to the eventual goal of transfer and/or graduation.

About Our Speaker(s)

Kent Seaver | Student Success and Retention SpeakerKent Seaver
Kent Seaver has 18 years of experience in the field of student assessment and academic success. At North Lake College in Irving, TX he has enjoyed success in working with the new to college student, home school students, , transfer students, and returning student veterans. He is presently the Director of Learning Resou... More info

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    Event Title: Advising Beyond Academics: How To Incorporate Experiential Learning Curriculum Into The Student Experience
    Presenter(s): Kent Seaver

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