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Beyond Best Practices: Seven Timeless & Transferable Principles of Student Success (EDU174B)

Presented by: Joe Cuseo
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Seven Student Learning and Retention Principles For Your Campus Community Success

Student success programs and “best practices” in higher education are growing in number. However, fostering student success isn’t simply a matter of adding on more and more, stand-alone support programs. Attempting to improve college-completion rates simply by tacking on a series of separate, segmented initiatives runs the risk of creating “initiative fatigue” among members of the campus community responsible for student-success programs.

Research indicates that colleges and universities with higher-than-predicted graduation rates do not simply tack on or “plug-in” best practices to improve their graduation rates. Furthermore, not all “best practices” are created equal; the most effective ones are intentionally built on powerful principles of human learning and motivationthat underlie, mediate and eventually culminate in “big ticket” terminal outcomes, such as: student retention, deep learning, and college completion.

Focusing on transferable processes with campus-wide applicability moves us away from a “band-aid” approach to treating student attrition that relies on supplemental or peripheral support programs; alternatively, it moves us toward a more central, systemic solution in which multiple members of the campus community adopt common practices and engage in common behaviors that have the potential to exert a synergistic effect on student success.

In this session, expert speaker Joe Cuseo will discuss a systemic, synergistic approach to transform campus culture and make it more learner-centered and student-success oriented. In addition to the PowerPoint slides, participants will receive the following narrative, referenced manuscripts authored by the presenter:

  • Student Success: Definition, Outcomes, Principles and Practices (file: “student-success-outcomes-processes-principles”)
  • Seven Timeless & Universal Principles of Success: Key Student-Centered Processes Associated with Positive Educational Outcomes (file: “Seven-Principles-of-Success-Manuscript”)
  • Seven Principles of Effective Student-Success Programming (file:”student-success-programming-principles”)
  • Cardinal Features of an Effective Student Retention and Student Success System (file: “StudentSuccessSystem-Essential Features”)
  • Institutional Self-Assessment of Student-Success Policies & Practices [4-Year Colleges and Universities] (file: “Assessment-of-StudentSuccessPractices-4yr-Colleges”)
  • Institutional Self-Assessment of Student-Success Policies & Practices [2-Year Colleges] (file: “Assessment-of-StudentSuccessPractices-2yr-Colleges”)

Session Highlights

Identify seven student learning-and-retention principles that can be infused throughout the campus community. These principles, listed below, are: (a) student-centered—they focus on the student experience, (b) research-based—they are well grounded in higher education research and scholarship, and (c) have a long history of empirical and theoretical support.

  • Personal Validation
  • Self-efficacy, Grit, and Growth Mindset
  • Finding Meaning and Purpose
  • Active Involvement (Engagement)
  • Reflection
  • Social Integration
  • Self-awareness.

Learning Objectives

Acquire specific, practical strategies for:

  • Promoting students’ personal validation by creating a welcoming first impression to campus and getting to know your students at a personal level.
  • Increasing students’ sense of self-efficacy by balancing challenge with support, providing effective feedback, and exposing students to successful role models.
  • Helping students find personal meaning in their college experience by intentionally articulating the purpose and value of a college education, and by helping them make meaningful connections between: (a) courses and disciplines, (b) academic and experiential learning, and (c) their current life and future goals.
  • Actively involve students in the learning process through use of engaging pedagogy inside the classroom and intentional strategies for engaging students in learning experiences outside the classroom.
  • Socially integrating students into the campus community by involving them in small-group and team-learning learning experiences in class, and by intentionally connecting students to faculty, staff, and peers outside the classroom.
  • Encouraging students to reflect on academic and experiential learning by providing them “quiet time” for thinking and opportunities for reflective writing in response to deep-thinking prompts.
  • Increasing students’ self-awareness and mindfulness with respect of their learning strategies, styles, habits, ways of thinking, and educational/vocational choices via practices that stimulate self-monitoring, meta-cognition, self-regulation and self-assessment

Session Benefits

The audience will be equipped with a common language and transferable strategies that can be used by all members of the college community to foster a culture of student success across campus. Participants will also receive an extensive set of research-based references supporting the program’s practical recommendations, as well as manuscripts containing additional scholarship and assessment strategies related to the program topic.

Who Should Attend

Anyone on campus who is interested in promoting student learning, retention and college completion. Ideas presented will be relevant to academic affairs and student affairs administrators, instructional faculty, academic advisors and learning support professionals, and student development (student service) professionals.

About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Cuseo | Student Success &  Retention SpeakerJoe Cuseo
Joe Cuseo holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology and Assessment from the University of Iowa and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Marymount College (California)-where for more than 25 years he directed the first-year seminar-a core course required of all new students.  He is a 14-time recipient of the ... More info

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    Event Title: Beyond Best Practices: Seven Timeless & Transferable Principles of Student Success
    Presenter(s): Joe Cuseo

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