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Leveraging Online Services to Support Student Success (EDU551J)

Presented by: Denise Swett, EdD
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn Why You Must and How You Can Leverage Technology to Deliver 24/7, On-Demand Online Support Services To Your Students.

Higher education is undergoing significant change, as institutions reconsider strategies for improving student retention, persistence and completion, while coping with rapidly evolving expectations by federal and state legislators. The new and future criteria for Institutional funding focuses on student success and completion, resulting in student services professionals developing innovative strategies to provide needed support services to all students in many formats.

The digital age has created high expectations, and not just in millennial students, about how information is accessed, and how we connect and engage in every environment, including colleges. Technology has significantly influenced the way that students interact with their colleges. Globally colleges are now educating "digital natives" who turn first to the internet for information, services, resources and even peer communities.

Offering students the option of accessing information, personal records and college services online, on-demand, 24/7 is proving to be highly effective and even expected. Moreover, with most colleges adding online course offerings, they must provide comparable online students services to those they offer in-person on campus, to meet accreditation standards.

Online services not only provide support to students, they also assist faculty and staff. Providing information and support services online reduces repetitive inquiries, and prepares students for academic advising, orientation, registration and much more.

This webinar with expert speaker Denise Swett, EdD, will provide you with an overview of extensive online student services that can be integrated in your college's programs. Denise will review key strategies including prioritizing needs; project development; product evaluation and service implementation; effective collaboration with college technology departments; and planning a marketing strategy. You will gain insights on various formats and methods for providing online student support services and learn strategies for gaining college support and participation for adding technology tools.

This session will discuss how to develop a strategy to identify, evaluate and implement online student support services, why you must prioritize leveraging technology to deliver 24/7, on-demand support, what is involved in this undertaking, and the critical factors required for long-term success.

This training session will provide you with a toolkit for strategic planning and development, critical resources required for successful implementation and maintenance, standards for evaluation of commercial provider options, timeline templates and best practices. Also, support materials will be provided identifying quality commercial service providers.

Session Highlights

  • To meet accreditation standards, any college the offers online classes must provide all student support services online that are comparable to what students have access to in-person, on campus.
  • To remain competitive, colleges must maximize technology resources to serve students and offer information and services online, on-demand, 24/7. This is expected not only by prospective millennial students, but throughout the entire community.
  • Online information and support services support faculty and staff by saving countless hours for staff answering repetitive questions and make students better prepared for appointments.
  • Keeping faculty and staff current on college policies, procedures and support services is critical. Providing this information through online professional development increase rates of participation, and thus, expertise.
  • Online programs and services often offer more consistent and comprehensive information, provide data to measure outcomes and can streamline overall service delivery.
  • Implementing high-quality commercial options to deliver online services is often the most cost effective and efficient solution to providing support services.

This webinar will help you understand

  • How do you find and evaluate online service delivery program options?
  • How do you gain and maintain college support for these types of resources?
  • What are the critical factors for choosing what you need to offer and the best delivery options?
  • How will you determine if what you have implemented has the intended results?
  • How should you prioritize service development and implementation?

Training Objectives

  • Acquire insight on various formats and methods for providing online student support services
  • Learn strategies for gaining college support and participation for adding online tools
  • Obtain knowledge about commercial options
  • Utilize examples presented to enhance your online options
  • Understand how online services can support student engagement and retention
  • Attain information about resources for additional online support in the classroom
  • Receive information about resources that can be implemented immediately, many of which are free to the college

 Who should attend

  • Student Affairs, Student Development and Student Services administrators (VPs, AVPs. Deans, Directors), faculty and staff
  • College and District Instructional Technology and Educational Technology Services managers and staff
  • College Marketing and Community Relations managers and staff
  • Academic Advisors
  • Disability Resource Center and Veterans Support Services staff
  • College Accreditation Liaisons
  • College Business and Financial Departmental staff
  • Online and Distance Education managers and staff
  • Academic Deans
About Our Speaker(s)

Denise Swett | Higher Education Training SpeakerDenise Swett EdD
Dr. Denise Swett is the vice president of student services at Foothill College. She has worked as a higher education administrator since 1998, at the University of San Francisco, Chabot College and Cañada College. Denise has presented numerous trainings and workshops online and at conferences including the American Co... More info

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    Event Title: Leveraging Online Services to Support Student Success
    Presenter(s): Denise Swett, EdD

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