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Designing Student Learning Modules for Online Orientation Programs (EDUO63L)

Presented by: Joe Cuseo
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90 minutes
Event Description
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Learn How Research-Based Principles of Effective Learning, Motivation & Retention can be Infused Into Online Orientation.

National data continue to reveal that students are most “at risk” for attrition during their first year of college. New-student orientation may be the only opportunity for institutions to reserve and devote all its campus resources and attention to one class—entering first-year students. New-student orientation programs have the potential to shape students’ important “first impression” of the college and promote the retention of first-year students by (a) facilitating their initial transition to college, (b) enhancing their social integration into the college community, and (c) increasing their knowledge and utilization of campus-support services.

Online orientation has the capacity to increase the accessibility of orientation for students engaged in distance-learning, for students who commute long distances from campus, and for non-traditional students who have extensive occupational and familial commitments. In addition, traditional-aged students who have grown up with modern information technology are likely to be very comfortable with and responsive to orientation information that’s delivered online.

Effective orientation doesn’t attempt to cover everything, but uncovers the most important things that students transitioning to college need to know and experience at that particular point in time; it shouldn’t overwhelm or overload students with so much information that they leave the program more disoriented than oriented. Instead, orientation should be a student-centered experience in which new students receive relevant “just-in-time” information that they’re ready to learn and immediately put to use.

In this session, expert speaker Joe Cuseo will raise and address critical questions about online orientation programs. You’ll learn how research-based principles of effective learning, motivation and retention can be infused into online orientation.

Session Highlights:

  • What should be the content (modules) that comprise online orientation?
  • What should be the delivery process (pedagogy) for online orientation?
  • Should online orientation be used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, in-person orientation?
  • How can research-based principles of effective learning, motivation, and retention be infused into online orientation?
  • How can the potential weaknesses of online orientation be minimized (e.g., anonymity and social isolation), and the potential strengths of online technology be maximized (e.g., interactivity and customization)?


You will acquire research-based knowledge and specific, practical strategies relating to the following aspects of online orientation:

  • Prioritizing content for online orientation
  • Delivering online content in an effective and engaging manner
  • Promoting student reflection on and retention of online information
  • Customizing and personalizing online orientation
  • Incorporating social integration into online orientation
  • Integrating online orientation with student support services
  • Coordinating online orientation with support programs delivered subsequent to orientation (e.g., first-year experience courses and co- curricular workshops)
  • Using online orientation to obtain an accurate profile of the entering class (e.g., new students’ needs, goals, and interests)
  • Using online orientation to acquire, store, and mine data for use in value-added assessment and institutional improvement
  • Evaluating online orientation to “prove” its value and “improve” its effectiveness

Bonus Tools:

In addition to the PowerPoint slides, you will receive the following narrative, referenced manuscripts authored by the facilitator:

  • The Case for and Characteristics of Effective New-Student Orientation Programs     
  • Seven Powerful Properties & Principles of Effective Orientation Program Delivery
  • “Top Ten” Institutional Self-Assessment Questions for Evaluating the Quality of New-Student Orientation
  • The New-Student Intake Sheet: Potential Questions
  • The One-Minute Paper: Potential Question Prompts for Stimulating Student Reflection on Orientation Information
  • Orientation Inspiration: Articulating the Power of a College Education and a College Degree
  • Transfer-Student Orientation: Scholarship & Strategies

Who Should Attend

The ideas and strategies discussed in this webinar should be relevant to all professionals interested in facilitating entering students’ initial adjustment and early success in college.

About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Cuseo | Student Success &  Retention SpeakerJoe Cuseo
Joe Cuseo holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology and Assessment from the University of Iowa and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Marymount College (California)-where for more than 25 years he directed the first-year seminar-a core course required of all new students.  He is a 14-time recipient of the ... More info

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    Event Title: Designing Student Learning Modules for Online Orientation Programs
    Presenter(s): Joe Cuseo

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