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International Students (Enrollment, Onboarding, Orientation, Retention & Success) (EDU274H)

Presented by: Dr. John Schupp
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Survive the Shrinking Domestic Student Population by Thinking Globally.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and other sources, U.S. college enrollment peaked in 2010 at 21 million students. It has since dropped over 812,000 (3.8%) in four years. Decreasing at a rate of more than 200,000 a year, college campuses may face a very unfavorable financial situation in 2020, when this drop may reach nearly 450 students per campus.

At an average tuition of $4,000 per student, this amounts to an over $1.5-million decrease in annual revenue for the country’s nearly 3,400 private and public colleges and universities and over 1,090 community colleges by 2020. As the supply of domestic students decreases, campuses face a very competitive market for domestic students—and not only for those who choose college, but for those who actually qualify for admission.

U.S. campuses need to be able to recruit international students in order to make up for these projected losses. Recruiting international students requires schools to not only create an environment for them to succeed, but to also prepare for the cost of recruiting them, which is much higher than recruiting domestic students.

This program by expert speaker Dr. John Schupp will give you real numbers that show the current trend in international enrollment on U.S. campuses, as well as the projected numbers for 2020. He’ll reveal which majors the citizens from various countries are interested in, the levels of international faculty at U.S. campuses, and the trends in faculty diversity and why it is critical for the success of international students. Additionally, the seminar will give you specific tips on how to recruit, onboard and retain international students.

Session Highlights:

  • Understand the potential loss of revenue due to the shortage of domestic students
  • Learn which countries fund their citizens’ educations, for guaranteed payment
  • Find out how many international students are available to your campus
  • Determine which countries have “U.S. college-ready” citizens/students
  • See how your campus can be more “international friendly”
  • Determine the financial impact of implementing a successful international student program
  • Create the conditions for success in that critical first year

Who Should Attend

  • Social Science professors (who can help with the international student’s transition into the US classroom, while not infringing the US customs into their lives) 
  • International recruiting personnel (to understand the need for ‘first visit’ success and the expense of not succeeding)
  • Community political and business leaders (to help reduce the anxiety of their local citizens by the increase in international students on their campus)
  • Campus marketing teams (to showcase the diversity of their campus to other International students as well as domestic students)
  • Treasury service personnel (to understand the ‘bottom line’ impact that the decrease in domestic students can have on their campus [through tuition] and the positive impact that international students can have)
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. John Schupp | Veteran Student Success SpeakerDr. John Schupp
Dr. John Schupp founded the SERV Program, a two-semester program at Cleveland State University designed just for veterans in order to increase the freshmen retention graduation rates. Under his direction, the program helps veterans apply for GI Bill benefits and offers veterans-only classes that help ease the transitio... More info

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    Event Title: International Students (Enrollment, Onboarding, Orientation, Retention & Success)
    Presenter(s): Dr. John Schupp

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