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Gamification: How Role-Playing Techniques Can Help Students Excel (EDU775W)

Presented by: Thomas Eaton
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, October 4, 2017
Event Description

Using “Game Play” to Engage Students in the Online Learning Process.

The idea of making learning interesting through our natural human tendency for “creative play” is a relatively new arrival in the traditional role of education and especially important since internet market growth. Known as “gaming,” educational research does bear out the practical applications of providing classroom and online constructs that resemble elements of a “game” but does not necessitate coding and “building a video game” – it also means placing the knowledge in an imaginary realm or possibilities to encourage students to interact and “play” with the knowledge. Colleges and universities are faced with the challenge, especially in an online venue, of engaging students in the learning process.

This program by expert speaker Dr. Thomas Eaton does that by blending the instructor’s expertise of his field with concepts of “game play”. In this presentation, instructors will learn how to build courses into a story where students participate as characters and access the information to make and present findings and possible outcomes in problem-solving and information application. While applicable in the traditional classroom, the online environment also offers excellent opportunities for building one’s own “story” that encompasses the course material but allows room for role playing and like character identification using simple software or existing market learning platforms.

Session Highlights

In this program, you will learn how to apply techniques through examples to:

  • Invent a scenario narrative of your design that will use aspects of role-playing gaming strategies to generate assignments and critical thinking results through the use of character avatars
  • Harness a role-play narrative-driven scenario course using existing equipment and software or modifying a learning platform to be more “play engaging”
  • Using games within games in your programs, such as “matching,” “repetition,” visual imagery, terrain landscapes through photography, and predictability-scenario outcomes, and vocal responses (laughter, joy, fear, romance) (Examples provided)
  • Evaluate and establish benchmark assessment markers and student feedback that deal with the problem-solving at hand, not just theoretical applications that could be applied
  • Integrate your own narrative creation with existing support websites (discipline-specific websites) and game programs (surveys, mock testing, or grouping feedback programs already existing on the associated sites)
  • Develop problem-based scenarios for your students to solve using across-the-board disciplines that actually encourage internet use while not allowing for plagiarism (Example provided)
  • Encourage students to write or create their own scenario-based problems and possible outcomes to that problem for future use in the instructor’s class or to demonstrate mastery of specific concepts covered in the course, thereby giving students’ ownership in future class lessons (Example provided)

Who should attend

  • Course instructors (especially Online)
  • Blended course instructors
  • Instructional Curriculum Developers
  • Centers for Teaching & Learning personnel (online support teams)
  • New faculty members
  • Online IT specialists
  • C- Suits
About Our Speaker(s)

Thomas Eaton | Student Retention SpeakerThomas Eaton
Thomas Eaton, Ed.D., has served as an Associate Professor of English Education and English Programs Liaison at Southeast Missouri State University. His career spans 23 years in education. Drawn toward the emerging possibilities of online learning, Eaton developed one of the first stress-management language blended cour... More info

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    Event Title: Gamification: How Role-Playing Techniques Can Help Students Excel
    Presenter(s): Thomas Eaton

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