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Final Gainful Employment Regulations: The Metrics Reloaded 2016 (EDU462A)

Presented by: Yolanda R. Gallegos
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, May 3, 2016
Event Description
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Do Everything Possible to Prevent Unfair Gainful Employment Rates From Inaccurate Data!

Given the well-known flaws in earnings and loan data upon which the gainful employment metrics are based, it is critical that institutions are prepared to fully utilize the mechanisms that are available.

This presentation by expert speaker Yolanda R. Gallegos will provide an overview of the gainful employment process and identify each juncture where ED’s data may be challenged.  This includes:

  • Corrections to list of completers included in each GE cohort.
  • Challenges to loan data.
  • Alternate Earnings Appeals
    • Recent Graduate Employment Earnings Survey Appeals
    • State Data Appeal

The session will serve as a go-to reference for all institutions wanting to ensure they have done everything possible to prevent unfair Gainful Employment rates resulting from inaccurate data.

Session Highlights:

  • Each juncture in the GE process where data may be challenged or appealed.
  • The time frame for each challenge or appeal.
  • The information that must be gathered for an effective appeal.
  • The two different ways earnings data may be appealed.
  • How to prepare for a Recent Graduate Employment Earnings Survey (RGEES) appeal.
  • How to maximize your response rate to a RGEES appeal.
  • What is a non-response bias analysis and how to calculate it for your RGEES appeal?
  • How to petition for earnings information from state agencies.

Who Should Attend

  • Officers and owners of community colleges and other public institutions offering short-term, non-degree programs and private sector (for-profit) postsecondary institutions
  • Investors in private sector postsecondary institutions
  • Career placement professionals
  • Postsecondary financial aid professionals
  • Postsecondary regulatory and compliance professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Yolanda R. Gallegos | higher education regulatory SpeakerYolanda R. Gallegos
The Gallegos Legal Group, founded by Yolanda Gallegos, is a national education law practice, representing colleges and universities around the country. Gallegos Legal Group specializes in higher education regulatory compliance and risk management in areas associated with federal student aid, student grievances, civil r... More info

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    Event Title: Final Gainful Employment Regulations: The Metrics Reloaded 2016
    Presenter(s): Yolanda R. Gallegos

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