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Financial Literacy for College Success: Why Helping Students Master Money Might Be the Most Important Thing You Can Do To Promote Graduation (EDU561X)

Presented by: William Vanderburgh
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Help Students Make Wise Financial Choices to Promote Timely Graduation and Ensure Lifelong Benefits!

The greatest tragedy in American higher education is that about half of the students who start college never finish, and many of those who don’t earn degrees still have student loans to repay. Concerns about money are the highest cause of stress in college students and are number one reason students drop out of college. Fixing the drop out problem and helping more students become college graduates won’t happen without institutions of higher education making significant strides in promoting financial literacy.

The number one reason students drop out of college is “finances.” Money is also the highest cause of stress among college students, distracting them from efficiently completing their studies even when they can stay in school.  Many students work more than 20 hours per week, which makes it nearly impossible to take a full time course load of 15 units per term to stay on track for timely graduation.

One of the most powerful interventions a college can implement to increase retention and graduation is financial literacy that is focused specifically on promoting college success.  This webinar will outline two of the speaker’s successful projects in this area, and discuss ideas for how campuses can implement programs that work for their students and fit within the available resources. Nationally, retention and graduation rates are dismally low. Only about half of the students who start college end up graduating.  Most of those who do graduate take much more than the nominally-required time to complete their degrees, often spending an extra year or two, or more, in college.

Staying in college longer than necessary is bad in several senses: besides the fact that students who take longer have a lower chance of graduating, they also suffer higher costs on top of the lost income of delayed post-college employment (including lost retirement savings). Worst of all is that many of the students who drop out have student loan burdens they must repay but no income boost from a degree.

This session by expert speaker Dr. William L. Vanderburgh aims to help students make wise financial choices and thus have a better chance for higher education. You’ll learn how to help students make well-informed decisions about where to attend, how to pay for college, how to spend while in college, and how much to work. Further, you’ll understand how individual psychological barriers as well as cultural factors need to be navigated, and long-term thinking needs to be inculcated to promote college success.

Session Highlights:

  • Why financial literacy matters to college success.
  • What colleges and universities can do to help students make wise financial choices that promote timely graduation and lifelong thriving.
  • How low-income or first-generation status interacts with thinking about money in college, and how cultural factors are relevant to conversations about money.
  • How to establish low- or no-cost financial coaching systems and other kinds of effective. financial literacy education even when your institution cannot establish a full office for student money management.
  • Helping students make a four-year plan for graduation that includes how they will afford to pay for school.
  • How the "50-30-20" rule for budgeting can be useful in college and beyond.

Additional Resources:

  • Series of links to free resources
  • List of programs around the country—to help you create your own programs
  • A collection of web-based worksheets and lesson plans to use with students

Who should attend?

  • Student success professionals
  • Admissions staff
  • Summer bridge staff
  • Orientation staff
  • Academic advisors
  • Learning support staff (e.g., TRIO and EOP)
  • Other student affairs professionals
  • Anyone concerned with helping students graduate from college
About Our Speaker(s)

William Vanderburgh | Students Success SpeakerWilliam Vanderburgh
Dr. Vanderburgh has held several different roles over the last nine years that have been focused on enhancing student success at urban public universities. A former professor of Philosophy, Vanderburgh currently serves as Associate Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at California State University, San Ber... More info

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    Event Title: Financial Literacy for College Success: Why Helping Students Master Money Might Be the Most Important Thing You Can Do To Promote Graduation
    Presenter(s): William Vanderburgh

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