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Building Assessment Into Your Daily Work in Student Affairs (EDU740S)

Presented by: Dr. Adam Peck
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, July 23, 2014
Event Description
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Educational Assessment Just Got Easier

When asked why they entered the field of education, most professionals state reasons such as “to make a difference” and “to change lives”.

Both are tall orders, but also core functions of an educator.  The extent to which an educator is accomplishing these goals is difficult to ascertain without the proper metrics in place.  But, introducing those metrics can be met with much skepticism and anxiety.

While no one likes to be judged, assessment is a normal and critical activity to ensure success in any field, and particularly in education.  Assessments can be powerful tools that aid in improved performance and personal growth when designed and implemented correctly.

Therein lies the challenge.  The process of assessment is not intuitive.  Additionally, many education professionals are already overwhelmed and see assessment as one more item on their to-do list.

This webinar will provide suggestions for integrating assessment into daily work in student affairs in ways that facilitate and improve student learning, produce direct evidence of this learning and reduce anxiety about conducting effective assessments.

This presentation will:

  • Reframe the purpose of assessment and connect this purpose to the core values of the profession of student affairs.
  • Discuss how to make assessment a part of daily work so it does not detract from the educational experiences of students.
  • Provide definitions of key terms in assessment such as direct/indirect assessment and quantitative/qualitative methodologies. 
  • Explore common assessment methodologies such as focus groups, surveys and rubrics.
  • Distinguish between direct and indirect assessment methods as well as qualitative versus quantitative approaches.
  • Teach participants to write an objective and measurable learning outcome statement.
  • Reveal three strategies for building assessment into the work educators are already doing.

This webinar is a must for:

  • Entry-level student affairs professionals
  • Assessment specialists
  • Mid-level university staff
  • Deans and Vice Presidents of Student Affairs
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Adam Peck | Student Affairs SpeakerDr. Adam Peck
Dr. Adam Peck serves as Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Additionally, he is a consultant/trainer who specializing in making assessment relatable to staff with a wide variety of backgrounds.  ... More info

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