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Cyber Bullying & the Impact of Entertainment/Social Media on Student Safety (EDU219A)

Presented by: Michael Dreiblatt
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Event Description

Use New Techniques to Combat the Causes of Student Violence

Student safety is an escalating concern for educators, school officials, parents, and students themselves. And yet the technology young people embrace—from online entertainment to social media networks and gaming—makes it easier than ever to inflict harm. So how do you fight both the virtual and face-to-face threats students face today?

Gain new, concrete strategies for preventing and investigating student violence and cyber bullying in this information-packed webinar by educator and bullying-prevention expert Mike Dreiblatt. He will teach you about the latest student safety research and threat prevention techniques: You’ll learn to establish effective bullying prevention programs; use games to oppose the negative influences of media messages; and reach beyond school boundaries to create a positive, safety-promoting climate for students.

Discover the major risk factors and predictors of aggression among youth, as well as how much of a role social media use, gaming, and entertainment consumption play. Then put your understanding into practice to combat the negative influences of technology and to build and sustain a safe and supportive student environment—in both the real and virtual worlds.

Session Highlights

This how-to program will teach you to:

  • Understand the negative role of entertainment, social media, and video games in creating an unsafe student culture
  • Understand the positive effects of technology on users
  • Establish school-wide, year-round safety policies and intervention protocols
  • Educate parents, students, and staff about your safety initiatives
  • Properly investigate cyber bullying and other student violence (without making outright accusations)
  • Understand the role of the bystander in cyber bullying incidents
  • Apply new research suggesting adults engage with video games to understand gamers’ motivations and prevent bullying/aggression
  • Know when to call a parent/student conference—or involve the police

Who Should Attend

  • Educators
  • School administrators
  • Student Services/Affairs personnel
  • Psychologists, social workers, and guidance counselors
  • Youth workers
  • Student Support staff
  • Campus Safety staff
  • Directors of Technology
About Our Speaker(s)

Mike Dreiblatt | School Bullying SpeakerMichael Dreiblatt
Mike Dreiblatt is the president of and an outstanding national speaker. He provides engaging, practical seminars and workshops to students, school staff, administrators, parents and community members, teaching best practices and realistic strategies that can be used immediately. Mike is an expert ... More info

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    Event Title: Cyber Bullying & the Impact of Entertainment/Social Media on Student Safety
    Presenter(s): Michael Dreiblatt

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