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College Affordability Plan: A Tremor or Seismic Shift? (EDU941B)

Presented by: Yolanda R. Gallegos
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60 minutes
  •  Thu, September 18, 2014
Event Description
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College Affordability Plan will hit the Education System. Do you know how it will affect your Institution and your Students?

Drowned out in the clamor over the upcoming gainful employment regulations is a much more silent but ardent effort to radically change the landscape of Title IV of the Higher Education Act.  During the 2012 campaign and subsequently in his second term, President Obama has initiated the fight against rising college costs.  On July 24, Speaking at Knox College, in Galesburg, Ill., a community hit hard by industrial layoffs, the president promised to lay out a plan that would “shake up” higher education. Any day now, President Obama will propose a rating system of postsecondary schools that is designed to fundamentally change how Title IV funds are awarded by creating a rating system that will ranks schools on affordability and outcomes. Unlike the gainful employment regulations, this rating system will be imposed on schools without negotiated rulemaking or the ability to submit formal comments. Moreover, unlike the gainful employment regulations, this rating system will be imposed on all participants in the Title IV programs whether they are public, private, or for-profit institutions.  In this seminar by expert speaker Yolanda R. Gallegos, learn how this Plan will affect your institution and your students.

You will learn about the timeline for the creation and implementation of the College Affordability Plan; the elements that can be implemented without legislation.  You will also learn how the ratings system is expected to be applied to institutions and how it will impact their institutions and their students.

Training Objective:

  • The role the College Affordability Plan plays in President Obama’s broader economic agenda for the nation.
  • Description of the features of each element of the Plan:
1. Paying for Performance

Obama is proposing to tie Title IV aid to college performance on a new ratings system that would be created that would address outcomes and affordability. This proposal presents a fundamentally different method of awarding Title IV aid. No longer would the aid be awarded based solely on student need, estimated family contribution, and cost.  This plan will factor in institutional ratings so that students with equal needs, cost, and expected family contribution could be awarded different amounts depending on the rating of the institution they attend.

2. Practicing Innovation and Competition
  1. Innovation and competition through new disclosures will be encouraged on the White House College Scorecard.
  2. “[S]tripping away unnecessary regulations”

3. Ensuring that Student Debt Remains Affordable

  1. Extending the income based repayment plans such that payments would be capped at 10% of borrowers’ monthly income.

Who Should Attend

  • Officers and owners of postsecondary institutions.
  • Student financial aid professionals
  • Investors in private sector postsecondary institutions
  • Deans of students
  • Academic deans
  • Admission officers and representatives
  • Career placement professionals
  • Postsecondary Financial aid professionals
  • Postsecondary Regulatory and compliance professionals
Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.
About Our Speaker(s)

Yolanda R. Gallegos | higher education regulatory SpeakerYolanda R. Gallegos
The Gallegos Legal Group, founded by Yolanda Gallegos, is a national education law practice, representing colleges and universities around the country. Gallegos Legal Group specializes in higher education regulatory compliance and risk management in areas associated with federal student aid, student grievances, civil r... More info

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    Event Title: College Affordability Plan: A Tremor or Seismic Shift?
    Presenter(s): Yolanda R. Gallegos

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