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Appreciative Admissions: Student Retention Begins in Admissions (EDU952N)

Presented by: Jennifer L Bloom, Ed.D
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60 minutes
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Apply the 6 Phases of Appreciative Advising to Your Admission Process and Effectively Recruit Students of All Ages

Although some describe the admissions process as a funnel, the problem with that comparison is that funnels are for food, liquids, and other non-living things. Admissions professionals often end up focusing on enrollment numbers but are, in reality, attempting to recruit people to their program or institution. Arguably, this requires a humane approach to guide the work. One of the most important things that faculty, staff, and students do is attracting outstanding applicants to their programs and institutions. Appreciative admissions are a powerful theory-to-practice framework for building strong relationships with prospective students and their families. In this session, you will learn how to effectively recruit prospective students of all ages.

Appreciative Admissions uses Appreciative Advising's theory-to-practice framework to build relationships with prospective students by making them feel valued (disarm), asking questions to get to their stories (discover) and goals (dream), as well as educating them about how the educational institution can help them achieve their goals (design). The relationships are built on high expectations that are clearly articulated (don't settle) and continue once students enroll (deliver).

This session with expert speaker Jennifer Bloom will discuss the specific skills and behaviors that can be implemented immediately to build rapport with prospective students and effectively recruit prospective students both in person and electronically.

The six phases of Appreciative Advising when applied to the admission's process focus on people first, and consequently, increase the number of enrollments and ensure these students not only survive but thrive in college!

This webinar will cover:

In this program, the top 3 intended learning outcomes are to:

  • Get demonstrations on building relationships with prospective students using the phases of Appreciative Advising.
  • Provide specific behaviors for each phase that can be used by admissions professionals to optimize their relationships.
  • Get sample questions useful for admissions professionals to guide their interactions with prospective students and their families.

This webinar will help you:

  • Get sample questions that Admissions Personnel should ask, related to each phase, in order to bring out the best in prospective students.
  • Learn the specific verbal and non-verbal behaviors that admissions professionals should adopt to make a positive first impression whether electronically or during personal contact in the Disarm phase.
  • Learn how to gain insight into the pivotal factors that led students to choose your institution and how to distinguish and elevate your institution from others.
  • Effectively use the Discover phase to get tools for building trust between students and admissions professionals as well as tools to learn student stories, such as positive, open-ended questions.
  • Effectively point out connections between student interests and campus activities and facilities.
  • Learn to demonstrate genuine interest in the student and inculcate an Appreciative Mindset of looking and listening for the best in students.
  • Help students look beyond conventional or easy majors towards challenging and fulfilling career options and paths that align with their Dreams and goals.
  • Implement the Design phase through a comprehensive, well-rounded plan co-created with the student to help turn their dreams into reality, while leveraging college and campus amenities.
  • Use the Deliver phase to motivate and energize students using positive reinforcement and provide the assurance of lasting support throughout the admissions process and beyond.
  • Use the Don't Settle phase to help students shift focus from "getting in" to striving for greatness and helping them graduate successfully from college.
  • Use the Don't Settle phase for self-examination so admissions professionals may strive to be lifelong learners and continually develop and improve their own skills.
  • Sample questions that admissions professionals need to ask themselves to stay at the top of their field.

Who should attend

  • Admissions professionals
  • Enrollment management leaders
  • Academic advisors
  • Student affairs professionals, etc.
About Our Speaker(s)

Jennifer L Bloom | Appreciative Education SpeakerJennifer L Bloom Ed.D
Jennifer L. Bloom, Ed.D. joined the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology at Florida Atlantic University in August 2015 as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Higher Education Leadership Master's Degree Program. She previously served as a Clinical Professor and Director of the Master's... More info

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    Event Title: Appreciative Admissions: Student Retention Begins in Admissions
    Presenter(s): Jennifer L Bloom, Ed.D

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