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Active Shooters & Campus Violence: 11 Key Areas to Explore in Your Threat Assessment Plan (EDU450Q)

Presented by: Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke
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90 minutes
Event Description
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1.5 Credits

Since Columbine and Virginia Tech, and despite elaborate campus safety and active shooter plans, we continue to have a disturbing number of campus shootings. We know that prevention is the best intervention. When campus violence occurs, there are often identifiable signs prior to a violent incident that make prevention possible. Now more than ever, increased awareness and relevant training on how to prevent and respond to violence are essential in today's environment.

Violence is a byproduct of the interaction between the physical setting, triggering conditions, and individual factors. This webinar by expert speaker Peggy Mitchell Clarke will explain the spectrum of violence and review how these factors contribute to the escalation of a violent attack. Evaluating behaviors of concern and selecting appropriate and proportional responses helps in assessing and mitigating risks associated with campus violence.

Peggy will help you learn to recognize behaviors of concern and identify pre-incident indicators to violence. You will also learn strategies for preventing campus violence and creating a culture of safety. But if there were an active shooter on your campus, would you know what to do? Peggy will also clarify what to do when someone poses a risk of violence and how to respond in an active shooter incident.

Examples of topics that will be examined during this session include the following:

  • Overview of Campus Violence and Motives
  • The Nature of Threats and Threat Assessment
  • Behaviors of Concern and Pre-incident Indicators to Violence
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Prevention

Your Key Take-aways from this session would be:

  • Understanding the path to violence and motives behind campus violence
  • Knowing the difference between posing a threat and making one
  • Identifying the pre-incident indicators to violence and behaviors of concern
  • Learning strategies to prevent violence and intervene early
  • Getting principles for creating a culture of safety and connectedness
  • Knowing how to respond in an active shooter incident

Session Highlights:

  • Being aware about the characteristics of campus violence, review common motives for campus violence, and understand the difference between making a threat and posing a threat.
  • You will review 11 key areas to explore in a threat assessment inquiry
  • Participants will identify behaviors of concern and pre-incident indicators to violence
  • You will learn strategies which will help you prevent violence and promote a culture of concern and connectedness.
  • You will learn the basics for responding in an active shooter incident.

Who Should Attend

  • College Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Parents and Family Members
  • Campus Safety
  • Behavioral Intervention Teams
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Campus legal counsel and those involved in creating policy
  • Housing and residence life
  • Campus Police and campus law enforcement
  • Judicial affairs and conduct directors and staff
  • Counseling center directors
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke | Higher Education SpeakerDr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke
Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke is a clinical psychologist, consultant and former psychology professor with almost three decades of combined experience in mental health, safety, higher education, publishing and media. She began her professional career as a psychotherapist and has worked in a wide variety of inpatient and out... More info

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    Event Title: Active Shooters & Campus Violence: 11 Key Areas to Explore in Your Threat Assessment Plan
    Presenter(s): Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke

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