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Schools & Universities at Risk: Dangers of Ignoring Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Social Aggression (EDU350W)

Presented by: Michael Dreiblatt
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
90 minutes
Event Description
1.5 Credits

Learn about How to Identify Bullying Behavior and Prevent and Reduce Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Social Aggression in Educational Institutions.

Bullying often goes undetected by teachers, university staff, and parents. Adults typically identify less than 10 percent of bullying incidents.

Identifying bullying behavior is difficult because many adults are unable to recognize the warning signs. K-12 and college and university personnel often experience challenges in identifying instances of bullying and intervening effectively when it occurs. Adults throughout the educational community -- including administrators, teachers, health personnel, and even bus drivers, and cafeteria workers - require training so that they can understand the dynamics of bullying, recognize when it's happening, and have successful strategies to deal with bully behavior.

Cyber-bullying happens in the online world of social media, forums, chats and blogs. Administrators and faculty face a daunting task in controlling cyber-bullying, primarily because this behavior exists in a virtual world that they might not be aware of or witness to.

Dealing with bullying behavior is a drain on an education institution's resources. Bully behavior diverts significant time and resources away from your institution's pursuit of its educational mission. The costs are steep and the impairment inflicted on the school or university is significant. If schools and universities fully understood the strain that bullying puts on its ability to succeed, then every administrator would immediately implement a prevention program in their school or university.

Bullying prevention training will reduce costs and improve your academic results.

This event with expert speaker Mike Dreiblatt intends to provide pertinent and relevant resources, as well as practical and ready to use tools and guidance for educators working with diverse learners.

Research shows that schools with unified bullying prevention programs can cut their incidents of violence in half, and increase their academic standing significantly. Bullying prevention and anti-bullying training are critical in creating a positive environment that encourages learning.  By adopting proven bullying prevention techniques and anti-bullying strategies teachers, staff, and even bus drivers can all become active participants in bullying prevention. Commit to stop bullying at your school and begin the process of preventing bullying before it begins.

Training Objective

This session will examine the following areas and issues:

  • Common instances of cyber-bully occurrences and the impact they have on students, faculty, staff and the larger campus community.
  • Different on and off-campus approaches to this behavior.
  • Technologies / platforms related to Cyber-bullying - text messaging, Facebook, Juicycampus and more.
  • Case studies on cyber-bullying.
  • Cyber-bullying from a conduct, legal and counseling perspective.
  • Comprehend how anonymous communication can contribute to the problem.
  • How cyber-bullying psychologically impacts the student, community and image of the college.
  • The various perspectives from which conduct and judicial affairs offices are approaching this problem.

Who should attend

  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Dean
  • Faculty
  • Advisors and Counselors
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Student Support Staff
  • Campus Safety
  • Residence Life
  • Retention Specialists
  • Emergency/Crisis Coordinators
  • Human Resource Professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Mike Dreiblatt | School Bullying SpeakerMichael Dreiblatt
Mike Dreiblatt is the president of and an outstanding national speaker. He provides engaging, practical seminars and workshops to students, school staff, administrators, parents and community members, teaching best practices and realistic strategies that can be used immediately. Mike is an expert ... More info

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    Event Title: Schools & Universities at Risk: Dangers of Ignoring Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Social Aggression
    Presenter(s): Michael Dreiblatt

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