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REAC Impossible Series - All You Need to Know on REAC Inspections (PKGAHAN40B)

Presented by: Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI
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Pre Recorded Webinar
5 hours
Event Description

Get insights into critical REAC topics while saving time and money

This bundle of 5 DVDs includes pre-recorded webinars and audio conferences by Hank Vanderbeek, an expert in REAC inspections, REAC appeals, REAC repair work, and home and commercial inspections. He has conducted inspections on thousands of residential and commercial properties for HUD (as a former Certified Inspector), insurance companies, banks, and home buyers.

In this DVD, Hank will provide information, strategies, tips and guidance on a wide range of critical REAC topics in a short amount of time. After attending, you will get a clear understanding of the REAC inspection process from start to finish; how to get a top REAC score; your right to appeal; the REAC maintenance plan; and REAC's exigent health and safety defects.

You will also know where to find the information you need to continue your REAC education. Learning materials in these DVDs also include photos of actual property defects.

DVD Package includes:

1. REAC Impossible I: Inspection Fundamentals (2014 edition)

Offers a comprehensive look at the REAC inspection process from start to finish, revealing how the important rule changes made in 2012 and 2013 could affect your next inspection.


  • REAC's mission (and why it inspects just a sample of units, not 100% of them)
  • Inspector's rules of conduct
  • REAC scoring structure
  • Best practices to prepare for an inspection
  • How to cut preparation costs and still earn a top score
  • How to deal with rogue inspectors (both REAC employees and contractors)

2. REAC Impossible II: Defect Interpretation and Scoring (2014 edition)

This comprehensive training program will prepare you to face REAC inspectors. You will understand why REAC conducts inspections, be poised to earn a high score on your next inspection, and do so for a lot less money than you spent last time.


  • The REAC scoring methodology
  • Which deficiencies REAC inspectors are really looking for
  • Your rights in a REAC Inspection
  • Why your property's grounds are crucial to a good score
  • Which health & safety defects can tank your score
  • How  to gain control of your inspection

3. REAC Impossible III: Your Right To An Appeal (2014 edition)

This presentation will train you to win your next REAC appeal. After attending, you will be prepared to earn the top score your property deserves—even when inspection mistakes occur.


  • Know your appeals rights & the submission procedure
  • Know what items may/may not be appealed
  • Understand the newly formatted REAC Inspection Report under Version 4.0
  • Evaluate acceptable evidence
  • Calculate points back
  • Submit a pre-REAC inspection appeal
  • Write a winning appeal

4. REAC Maintenance Plan

This presentation will help you understand why maintenance is important to your success, gain the skills to prepare for REAC inspections for a lot less money, and be much better prepared to get a high score on your next REAC inspection.


  • How to establish an efficient and effective maintenance program
  • What maintenance items are most important
  • The ins and outs of work order tracking systems
  • The dos and don'ts of a modernization project
  • Why the grounds are so important to a good score
  • What items to focus on within 24 hours of an inspection
  • How to gain control of your maintenance priorities
  • The new elevator room inspection policy
  • And more!

5. REAC Exigent Health & Safety Defects (2014 Edition)

In this last part of our REAC inspection audio-conference series DVD package, Hank Vanderbeek will explain the REAC's exigent health and safety defects in detail.  By discussing exigent health and safety defects, and applying knowledge not available elsewhere, you will learn what's most important to HUD. Plus, you will gain a thorough understanding of how REAC tallies a score for exigent health and safety defects under new REAC Inspection Report under Version 4.0.


  • How Exigent Health & Safety defects are defined and scored
  • How to read and understand the newly formatted REAC Inspection Report under Version 4.0
  • Reporting correction of Exigent Health & Safety defects
  • Identifying and understanding blocked egresses and electrical hazards
  • What to do about Exigent Health & Safety after a REAC Inspection
  • Most often cited Exigent Health & Safety defects
  • Impact of Smoke detectors on REAC score
  • And more!

This valuable DVD package is a must have for property owners, managers and agents; maintenance supervisors; top management; housing industry professionals; and support staff.

About Our Speaker(s)

Hank Vanderbeek | REAC Inspection training SpeakerHank Vanderbeek MPA, CMI
Hank Vanderbeek owns and manages a commercial and residential property inspection company since 2001, and has conducted inspections on thousands of residential and commercial properties for: HUD as a former Certified REAC Inspector, insurance companies, banks and home buyers. He authored several books and numerous art... More info

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    Event Title: REAC Impossible Series - All You Need to Know on REAC Inspections
    Presenter(s): Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI

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