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Comprehensive Employee Management Training Package (A Set of 10 DVDs) (PKGHRM330A)

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An Exclusively Designed Employee Management Training Suite for Supervisors and Managers Seeking to Accentuate Employees' Overall Performance!

One of the biggest obstacles that managers and supervisors encounter every now and then is how to boost employees' morale and encourage them to perform at the best of their abilities. The way you lead or manage has a profound impact on the performance of your employees–how well they fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them, and how well your organization does.

We bring to you a comprehensive Employee Management Training Package (a set of 10 Audio CDs)–exclusively created to help you augment your management skills so that you can establish solid employee relationships and enhance productivity. This training package is power-packed with a wealth of information, including practical tips and expert guidance on how you can get the best from your staff and take them to the next higher level of professional and personal success.

This Employee Management Training Package will help you learn how to:
  • Track and manage staff productivity for better results with less time and effort
  • Help strengthen employee weaknesses and improve existing strengths
  • Motivate your employees to improve their productivity
  • Handle difficult persons at workplace
  • Develop rapport, trust and an environment that allows constructive criticism to be received without negative reaction
  • Identify the problems before they become catastrophes
  • Coach the employees for improved performance
  • Create an effective appraisal system that motivates
  • Avoid the common pitfalls when dealing with performance issues
  • Lead employees successfully throughout the change.


  1. Efforts, Outcomes, and Behaviors: Tracking and Managing All Performance Dimensions
  2. Introduction to Employee Coaching: Preparing Your Employees for Success
  3. Get Them Going! Motivation Techniques to Boost Your Employees' Productivity
  4. Dealing With Difficult People
  5. Performance Conversations Instead of Performance Confrontations
  6. Turn Poor Performers Into Company Success Stories!
  7. Feedback, Accountability, and Growth: Managing Productivity
  8. How to Build an Effective — Yet Painless — Performance Appraisal System
  9. How to Boost Below-Standard Employee Performance
  10. How to Help Employees Manage Change: Turn a Potential Disaster into Success

The hands-on tips, techniques and strategies presented in this package will surely give you the guidance you need to address poor performance issues efficiently–and empower your employees to greater success. Order now!

About Our Speaker(s)

Christopher D. Lee | Human Resource Training SpeakerChristopher D. Lee Ph.D., SPHR
Chris is a self-described HR evangelist. He believes that artful application of progressive human resources principles and practices is the answer to most organizational challenges. His background includes having served as the chief human resources officer for three different colleges or universities and a state colleg... More info


Malcolm Bowen, Human Resource Training ExpertMalcolm Bowen
Malcolm Bowen, MS in HR-Management (Personnel Development), BA in Mathematics, and is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming. He was one of the five principal developers of Total Quality Management for Pacific Bell where he internally consulted, facilitated and trained several thousand employees in the use and applic... More info


Noelle C. Nelson, Employee Guidelines ExpertNoelle C. Nelson
Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D. is an internationally respected psychologist, author and seminar leader. A business trial consultant for 20 years, Nelson works closely with attorneys, company management and corporate executives and has helped win more than $500 million for her plaintiff clients since 2000. Her defense clients ... More info


Bill Repp
Bill Repp is president of Working Best, and has extensive experience in creating and delivering programs in leadership, management, marketing, communication, team building, and business writing. He is a seasoned manager with more than 20 years' experience supervising people For 11 years, Repp taught week-long managemen... More info

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    Event Title: Comprehensive Employee Management Training Package (A Set of 10 DVDs)
    Presenter(s): Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D., SPHR, Malcolm Bowen, Noelle C. Nelson, Bill Repp

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