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The Threat of Workplace Violence Looms Mightily: What's Your Vision? (DFS450K)

Presented by: Felix P. Nater, CSC
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description
1.0 Credit

Understanding the Challenges and Economic Impact of Effectively Implementing Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in Traditional Workplaces

Organizations undoubtedly recognize the looming threat of workplace violence and its potential impact of workforce safety and economic impact to the organization. It's challenging for most organizations, but especially the small to midsize markets, on how best to do more with limited resources and unique situations and circumstances. A shooting incident that has the potential for wreaking havoc on most organizations can debilitate a small to midsize organizations caught unprepared.

This presentation by expert speaker Felix Nater, CSC will increase your understanding of factors that critically impact your organization's workplace violence prevention initiative. It will reveal program management features intended to help you overcome common myths and misconceptions, and understand aspects of workplace violence prevention unique to your organization.

This training session will assist you to manage current workplace violence prevention programs or understand how to implement your own. You'll learn how organizations that fail to recognize the risk and fail to adopt robust, agile and proactive workplace violence prevention and violence response plans may suffer the consequences of negative media scrutiny, low employee morale and performance and litigation.

You will get answers to these important issues and help to frame an organizational dialogue that begins to address myths and misconceptions that will protect the firm against unsuspecting litigation and an ill-prepared workforce. The object is to discard insufficient arguments and position, stay away from denial of existing problems, and reliance on limited budgets and resources as justified rationale.

Training Objective

This webinar will address the following:

  • What are your capabilities and limitations?
  • How can you integrate resources in a collaborative manner to effectively carry out policies?
  • What can you do now efficiently to increase workforce security and how?
  • How do you communicate management's commitment and investment in a safe and secure workplace environment?

Organizational effectiveness to workplace violence prevention benefits from a robust, agile proactive workplace violence prevention strategy that's flexible, engaging and collaborative. Program management enhances management's commitment and investment while oversight generates measurable results by:

  • Establishing clear goals and objectives
  • Developing tailored approaches to the size, complexity and workplace setting
  • Designing flexible, adaptable plans
  • Instituting leadership responsibilities and accountability at every level
  • Establishing mutual expectations
  • Securing and assuring management's commitment

Addressing The Hidden Cost of Workplace Violence…

  • Organizational effectiveness, productivity, the culture and image are adversely impacted by a violent act at work;
  • Lost work time (average of 3.5 days per incident for those directly impacted);
  • Increased security and facilities repair costs;
  • High probability of litigation; increased workers' compensation claims and costs;
  • Increased medical claims, Personnel turnover;
  • Increased incidents of stress between labor organizations and management;
  • Significantly reduced performance and productivity;
  • Negative internal and external publicity and press; and
  • Other negative symptoms of the hostile workplace.

Personnel turnover is deeply rooted in an employee's unwillingness to be perceived as a troublemaker and resigns or asks for a reassignment rather than complaining. Such personnel turnovers are a company's worst nightmare, as they will undoubtedly volunteer to testify against the employer in the aftermath.

No one knows the exact dollar figure associated to workplace violence related exposure. Such costs are absorbed in increased medical and injury compensation claims under other unrelated ailments related to a workplace violence exposure.

This Webinar will help you:

  • Appreciate the value of integrated and collaborative workplace violence prevention planning.
  • Understand that unique differences between workplaces.
  • Capture the value of multiple intervention strategies.
  • Understand the value of reviewing current workplace violence, physical security plans and business policies to finds vulnerability gaps.
  • Realize that training the workforce increases the violence prevention and response return on investment.
  • Incorporate training and capability as values in preventing and managing the hostile intruder/active shooter threat.

Who should attend

  • Senior Executives who drive the strategy, control budgets and communicate management's commitment.
  • Senior Managers responsible for daily interaction with supervisors staff;
  • Human Resources,
  • Security and Facility Directors/Managers responsible for daily operations and human resources security functions.
About Our Speaker(s)

Felix P. Nater | Workplace Violence Security SpeakerFelix P. Nater CSC
Mr. Felix Nater, CSC has been the president & owner of Nater Associates, Ltd for 11 years. Felix shows organizations how to best create and manage effective workplace security and violence prevention strategies using existing resources in the processing, production, manufacturing and private educational & healthcare ma... More info

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    Event Title: The Threat of Workplace Violence Looms Mightily: What's Your Vision?
    Presenter(s): Felix P. Nater, CSC

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