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Personal Safety for Women: On and Offline (DFSN51R)

Presented by: Joe Rosner
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60 minutes
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Get Expert Tips and Strategies to Guarantee the Personal Safety of Women in Your Workplace

It is well known that women are at a greater risk than men of being targeted by crime, both online and offline. On the Internet cyber-stalkers and online harassers pose a huge and growing threat; in the "real world" women run a disproportional risk of being victims of sexual assault and other violence. This is not, however, a question that can be pushed aside into the "personal" arena-it must be dealt with in the workplace, because it is in public and on the job that many of these crimes are committed. Homicidal violence is the leading cause of death for women in the work force.

For women and girls, "harassment" is not merely unpleasant – it is frightening and intimidating, with force behind it to back up the threat. Rape and death threats have become increasingly common on social media, and with the violence they threaten itself the daily reality of women and girls worldwide, it is troublingly possible that these threats will actually be carried out. Women have a 1 in 5 chance of being raped and a 1 in 4 chance of being physically assaulted by someone they know. Again, violence in the workplace is the leading cause of death for women workers, where the victimizers are able to target and track their victims online and by monitoring their mobile phone activities. If you are a woman, or if you work with women, who make up 47% of the U. S. workforce, your safety or the safety of your coworkers is of course of paramount importance.

This program by expert speaker Joe Rosner will cover the scope and impact of violence against women in the workforce and offer effective countermeasures to greatly reduce the risks and mitigate harm when such incidents occur. Learn simple, effective strategies and techniques to protect and defend yourself and your coworkers against threats of violence as well as violent or endangering actions in both real and virtual environments.

Session Highlights:

  • Common myths about violence
  • Predicting and avoiding dangerous situations
  • Strategies, tactics and techniques to know if threatened or attacked:
    • Escaping
    • Getting help
    • Words and the language for self-defense
    • Barriers to violence
    • Self -defense techniques anyone can do
    • Self-defense tools
  • Online Harassment: Definition, scope, impact and the law
  • Profile of an internet troll:
    • What they do
    • Why they do it
    • How they do it
  • Protecting yourself from online harassment
  • If you or another is victimized, how to help yourself or others-including your peers

Who Should Attend

  • Local and state government employees and human resource management
  • Large and mid-sized business's human resource groups
  • Employee wellness groups
  • Retail, healthcare, housing, and other industry professionals in industries with a large percentage of women workers
About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Rosner | Workplace Violence & Self Defense SpeakerJoe Rosner
Joe's credentials include military, law enforcement, and bodyguard experience, multiple black belts, as well as growing up on the Southside of Chicago. He has authored a number of books on workplace violence and self-defense. Following the 9/11 tragedy, Joe left a successful career as a sales recruiter, manager, and tr... More info

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    Event Title: Personal Safety for Women: On and Offline
    Presenter(s): Joe Rosner

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