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Autism: The Tsunami of the 21st Century, and How to Manage This Devastating Crisis in the Workplace (DFSO51P)

Presented by: Jim Zalud
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60 minutes
Event Description
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1.0 Credit

Autism Awareness Skills That Can Save Your Job and Protect Your Company from Being Sued!

One of the biggest fears in public service, as well as commercial and retail businesses is: What should I do if a person with ASD has a meltdown and physically attacks me and/or my employees? How do I physically stop them, without causing bodily harm to all parties involved? There are stories of police and security horror stories in the media way too often. Do you know how to physically restrain a person with ASD? Do you know which part of the ASD body is physically weak, and if mishandled, can lead to death? Ignorance will not save you from being labeled negligent!!

Knowing the approved and safe methods to gain compliance can be lifesaving. They can also be the most important factors in keeping you, and your company, from being sued.

People also ask: "Are there ways that I can spot a bracelet or other items on a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder"? The answer is YES-and those few extra seconds may be the difference between a positive or negative outcome. The distance between you and the person with ASD can be critical. The picture cards you use to give directions are critical. The questions you ask, if possible, can get you to a positive resolution much quicker. In today's world, the smartphone and tablet, along with a group text messaging apps can provide paramount information to relevant parties in just seconds. This speed in messaging, as well as the correct actions taken, can make a big difference in resolving an ASD crisis situation.

In this webinar, our expert speaker, Jim Zalud, will reveal facts that will increase your knowledge and readiness to make physical applications in an ASD crisis situation. Jim will provide you with useful tips that will save you from doing harm to someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder and losing your job because of negligence. You will be able to save your corporation from litigation, in the event your actions result in a lawsuit.

This webinar will provide you with the benefits of CONFIDENCE, VISION, and SKILL in an autism crisis situation. You will receive a handout with tips and techniques that will assist in defusing an autism crisis situation. Attend this webinar-it may save your business from costly litigation!!

Session Highlights:

  • Learn to spot identifiers that tell you a person has ASD.
  • Get hands-on skills that are required to mitigate an autism crisis.
  • Learn ways to approach an autism crisis by the situation to be escalated.
  • Know to communicate graphically to get positive ASD results.
  • Utilize correct restraining techniques to control someone with ASD.
  • Learn how to achieve better results during crisis by using social media.
  • Tools and language used by educational institutions that serve people with ASD in emergencies.
  • Get a professional understanding of physical skills required in an autism crisis.
  • Increase your confidence, vision, and productivity in an autism crisis situation.
  • Learn techniques used by law enforcement and educational institutions that resolve autism crises.
  • How to respond and deal in a  manner, that get results and keep people with autism safe, and employees from being charged with negligence.

Who should attend?

  • Any Government, Corporate, Educational or Health Care entity that has its doors open to the public on a daily basis.
  • This program should be made available to every employee from the boardroom to the mail room.
About Our Speaker(s)

Jim Zalud | Crisis Intervention Training SpeakerJim Zalud
Jim Zalud is a 30 year teacher of verbal, non-verbal, and body language skills. Jim has spoken to police departments, colleges, and corporations throughout the Midwest. He has completed Crisis Intervention Training, and is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. Jim is currentl... More info

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    Event Title: Autism: The Tsunami of the 21st Century, and How to Manage This Devastating Crisis in the Workplace
    Presenter(s): Jim Zalud

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