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Creating Priorities to Regain 2 Years of Your Life!

Presented by: Drew Stevens, Ph.D.
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Tue, March 4, 2008
Event Description

Don't waste time on the wrong priorities and goals. Find out how to refocus yourself and get back your precious personal time!

Operating at maximum efficiency … multitasking … getting it all done — these are the ways we work and live, but we're missing out on what we're actually achieving. Stop! Take an hour to learn to refocus your attention, re-energize yourself, and get real results and you'll "regain" the time you've been missing in your life!

Join expert speaker and consultant Drew Stevens, PhD., as he teaches you to identify factors that derail your focus, and shares techniques that reduce stress and increase your attention and creativity levels — in just one hour.

  • Discover 3 things you need to do to focus your attention.
  • Understand the reasons you lose focus so you can avoid them to regain time.
  • Uncover 3 ways to establish priorities to carry you forward.
  • Find out how to properly respond to email and voice mail.
  • Learn the most imperative factor in gaining time.
  • Discover 5 factors you can apply today to immediately regain time!
    And more!!!!!!

This event is a must for parents, business owners, students, anyone needing more time and less anxiety!

You'll take away the know-how to put yourself back on track and focus on the results and priorities that will take you where you want to go — in less time!!!!

About Our Speaker(s)

Drew Stevens, Employee Compliance ExpertDrew Stevens Ph.D.
Drew Stevens Ph.D. assists individuals to dramatically accelerate business growth. Drew has built four successful international businesses during difficult economic times. Drew has helped over 60,000 people sell over a billion dollars worth of products and sales. He is the author of six books including Split Second Sel... More info

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    Event Title: Creating Priorities to Regain 2 Years of Your Life!
    Presenter(s): Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

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