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Writing Customer-Focused Messages (CPG474E)

Presented by: Philip Vassallo, Ed.D
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Event Description

Learn How Writing Customer-Focused Messages Can Get You a Loyal Customer Base

When we communicate with our clients, we are selling far more than a product or service. We are establishing or cultivating a relationship based on trust and commitment. Of course, courtesy goes a long way. We need to show that our customers’ questions are good ones that demand good answers. We need to value our customers’ concerns and use it as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. It’s important to realize that our customers’ requests are essential ones that we must fulfill.

But courtesy is not enough. Because we care about our customers, we will ensure that we will learn whatever we can about their organization and, more importantly, about the customers’ concerns to strengthen our relationship with them. With this knowledge, we will learn about the changing nature of our customers’ needs and remain vigilant in our customer care. We will share our knowledge with the customer to offer a value-added service. Caring about customers’ needs and knowing how to address them must transform into some immediate and recognizable action. The better we understand our customers’ needs and requests, the better we can satisfy them. Customers will remember excellent service providers who show they care and express their knowledge through decisive action. They appreciate and reward those who devote their energy to solving their problems and creating opportunities for them.

This webinar with Philip Vassallo will show you how to work into your writing the same qualities that make your face-to-face interactions with clients as meaningful and memorable. You will discover the keys to connect to your readers naturally, just as you would in a real-time conversation. With the Customer Service Triad, you will employ your best instincts to hold your customers’ attention, make them aware of the value you bring to the business relationship, and maintain their loyalty. We’ll look at things from a customer’s perspective and not settle for one or two of important three customer service elements. This session will help you meet all the three requirements in your communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Use a consultative approach to build client relationships
  • Establish a system for speaking to the client through writing
  • Format messages to guide your customers through key content
  • Draft messages with a unique, client-focused formula
  • Practical insights for a consultative approach to communication
  • Utilize the Customer Service Triad—the three key elements that make your messages speak to your customer
  • A handy formula for any customer-oriented message, including proposals, sales pitches, justifications, action plans, reports, inquiries, and responses

Who should attend?

  • Client relationship advisors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Retail consultants
  • Sales professionals
  • Sole proprietors
About Our Speaker(s)

Philip Vassallo | Writing & Presentation Skills WebinarsPhilip Vassallo Ed.D
Philip Vassallo has developed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for a wide range of managerial, administrative, and technical professionals in corporate, government, and academic environments. He has also taught writing and presentation skills on the graduate and undergraduate university levels... More info

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    Event Title: Writing Customer-Focused Messages
    Presenter(s): Philip Vassallo, Ed.D

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