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The Myth of the Millennials - Why They May Not Deliver the Revenue You Expect (CPG361I)

Presented by: James Dion
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn to Attract and Market to Millennials While Keeping Them Engaged and Motivated!

The Millennial Generation is here, they are impacting the way companies set up web sites, stores, mobile sites and create policies. There is no doubt of the size of the Millennial generation, although there is some disagreement about the exact membership in the generation. For our purposes we define a Millennial as someone born between 1982 and 2000. This generation is larger than the Baby Boomers and far larger than Gen X which was the baby bust generation that followed the Boomers. Many have called the Millennial Generation the first "digital natives" as they grew up with technology being common place in their lives. This, however, is not completely true as one could argue that what we have not really named yet, which may be referred to as generation Z (those born from 2001 to 2020) will be the real digital natives as they will have grown up with smart phones in their cribs! The Millennials did not really get smart phones until many of them were well into their teens or later.

Despite all the hype, the reality is that most Millennials today are very different than past generations and at the same time they are financially less secure. This session with expert speaker James E. Dion will help you understand how you can best communicate with this generation. You will come away with a deeper and richer understanding of this Millennial consumer and know how to apply that knowledge to change your messaging to them. You will learn about what really works and what you should avoid doing.

Session Highlights

In this program you will get some valuable insights on the Millennials, such as:

  • That Millennials rely mostly on their friends to make buying decisions, they don't want to be sold to by brands.
  • Connectivity is their lifeblood – Facebook helps them stay in touch with everybody.
  • They entered the workforce in an incredibly weak economy - and fear for their futures - so they manage money carefully.
  • They are relentlessly committed to results and efficiency.
  • They need the most individualized targeting ever.
  • They value Happiness, Passion, Diversity, Sharing, Discovery, Justice, Integrity, Family, Practicality, Duty.
  • At any given time, they have 100 different things on their mind. They are notorious multi-taskers who are glued to their mobile phones.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs and COOs,
  • Retail Marketing Managers and Retail Operations Managers,
  • VP Marketing, VP IT, and VP Operations,
  • District Managers and Regional Managers
About Our Speaker(s)

James Dion | Retail Consumer Trends SpeakerJames Dion
James Dion (Jim), founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., is an internationally known Retail Speaker & Trainer, Retail Consultant, and the Author of the bestsellers Retail Selling Ain't Brain Surgery, It's Twice As Hard, Start and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting and Running ... More info

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    Event Title: The Myth of the Millennials - Why They May Not Deliver the Revenue You Expect
    Presenter(s): James Dion

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