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Plan and Forecast in the New Retail Market Reality (CPG818A)

Presented by: Tom Brouillette
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Event Description

Retail Change Is Here—Here’s How to Adapt

The velocity of change in the retail market has increased dramatically in the past few years, and this change is having a huge negative impact on retail inventory planning and forecasting models. As a retailer, you must revamp your strategies for meeting consumer demand even as collaboration with consumers changes how you forecast.

Join supply chain management expert Tom Brouillette in this live webinar as he explains the impact of consumer demands and new e-commerce shopping and purchasing habits. He will provide methods to gain sound insights into sales forecasts. And he will divulge strategies to reduce overstock and improve demand planning. Plus, Brouillette will show you why these model changes are here to stay.

After attending this live audio event, you will be able to identify and address product sales increases earlier. You’ll understand how to build and maintain collaborative consumer relationships. And you’ll walk away with pertinent examples of winning product planning and forecasting—just what you need to survive and thrive in this turbulent atmosphere.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what this session will uncover:

  • The impact of consumer demands and new e-commerce shopping and purchasing habits
  • Suggestions and methods for collaborating with consumers to gain insights into sales forecasts
  • Suggestions for new strategies to improve demand planning and forecasting
  • Why these changes are occurring

Who Should Attend

  • Supply chain inventory management
  • E-commerce management
  • Product lifestyle managers
  • Marketing professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Tom Brouillette
Tom Brouillette is a leader in Supply Chain Management with a major third party logistics provider in the US.  Tom is a respected business and technical leader with prominent 25+-year career delivering strategic enterprise solutions in the Supply Chain, eCommerce, CRM, B2B and B2C for some of the largest retailers. To... More info

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    Event Title: Plan and Forecast in the New Retail Market Reality
    Presenter(s): Tom Brouillette

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