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Food Packaging: Compliance Strategies for the U.S., EU and Asia (CPG962W)

Presented by: Mark Thompson
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Pre Recorded Webinar
75 minutes
  •  Wed, September 14, 2016
Event Description
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Insights on Regulatory Compliance Issues in Food Packaging in the U.S., EU and Asian Markets.

The composition and regulation of food packaging materials are quite complex and the government authorities around the world take very different approaches to regulating such products. Given that food packaging manufacturers often market their products globally and/or to customers that market their food products globally, it is crucial that food-contact materials are compliant throughout these major markets. Doing so requires an appreciation of these unique regulatory schemes as well as the appropriate strategy for confirming and securing the necessary clearances for food packaging materials.

This session by expert speaker Mark Thompson will provide an overview of  the varied food-contact material regulatory requirements in the three primary markets of US, EU and Asia. The session will discuss in detail the composition and regulation of food packaging materials in these major regions.

The presentation will primarily consist of a PowerPoint presentation with citations and explanations for the various regulatory regimes. There will also be clear illustrations and charts to better explain the structure of the regulatory frameworks. Plus, you’ll get links to relevant legislation and resources that can be used to access the relevant requirements.

Session Highlights:

  • Overview of U.S. food packaging regulations and approaches for establishing clearances without government filings.
  • Process for securing explicit approvals in the U.S. where necessary (e.g., FCNs).
  • EU regulatory scheme for food-contact materials (inter play between EU harmonized legislation and Member State Legislation).
  • Comparison of food packaging regulatory schemes in various Asian nations.
  • Updates on China’s overhaul: The Chinese Food Safety Law, new regulations and Standards for food packaging, etc.
  • Updates concerning Japan’s planned development of a government positive list for food packaging.

Who Should Attend

  • Food companies that purchase food packaging materials for use with their products and need to ensure compliance
  • Food packaging manufacturers producing formulated products
  • Companies that produce chemicals/materials used in the manufacture of food packaging that may be expected to comply with these requirements or secure the necessary clearances in these jurisdictions.
About Our Speaker(s)

Mark Thompson | Food Packaging SpeakerMark Thompson
Mark Thompson is a Senior Associate located in Keller and Heckman LLP’s Shanghai Representative Office.  Mr. Thompson began working for Keller and Heckman in Washington DC in 2007. During that time, Mr. Thompson assisted clients in demonstrating compliance with U.S. and EU regulations pertaining to food, food packag... More info

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