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The Power of Discrete Secondary Feelings (Versus Primary Emotions Alone) in Marketing Products and Services (CPG762A)

Presented by: Paul Conner
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Develop Effective Emotional Marketing Strategies That Drive Consumer Behavior

Scientific research shows that focusing on discrete secondary feelings (e.g., excitement or calm), rather than the more primary emotions from which they come (e.g., happiness of which both excitement and calm are different types), can make a big difference in marketing campaigns that influence consumer behavior. The influence can occur both consciously and, more often than not, unconsciously, and there are ways to conduct research that reveal which discrete feelings and at which level (conscious or non-conscious) they’re influencing consumer behavior. Focusing on discrete secondary feelings, and finding ways to leverage them both consciously and unconsciously, can improve the degree to which targeted consumers purchase targeted products and services.

This session by our expert speaker Paul Conner will give you a better understanding of the importance of emotional marketing strategies and how to execute it effectively. You’ll realize how emotions and feelings are the primary drivers of consumer behavior (shown by research from the behavioral sciences). Furthermore, you will realize that emotions and feelings, including discrete secondary feelings, drive behavior unconsciously, and you will be better equipped to conduct research that ultimately tells you which discrete feelings most influence your products and services. With this information (from research), you will be able to develop more effective emotional marketing strategies and execute it with perfection.

During this session, compelling examples of how discrete secondary feelings impact product interest and purchase will be provided. Furthermore, you will be enlightened about what emotions and feelings are and why (from neuroscience and psychology) they have come to be recognized as the primary drivers of (consumer) behavior.

Session Highlights:

  • Understand the difference between primary emotions and secondary discrete feelings, particularly related to consumer behavior.
  • Realize that activating either primary emotions or secondary discrete feelings when considering purchasing products greatly enhances purchase interest or actual purchase.
  • How activating secondary discrete feelings can enhance purchase interest or actual purchase even more than activating primary emotions alone.
  • Understand that such emotional activation (of secondary discrete feelings), which drives product purchase, can be accomplished non-consciously—without consumers even being aware of it.
  • Become familiar with ways to assess (through consumer research) the (conscious and non-conscious) discrete secondary feelings that drive product purchase.

Who Should Attend

  • Any industry – Analysts, account executives, directors, VPs, and CEOs of marketing/consumer research and/or marketing
About Our Speaker(s)

Paul Conner | Consumer Marketing Research SpeakerPaul Conner
A consumer researcher since 1982, Paul Conner founded Emotive Analytics in 2004 after seeing that traditional consumer research was lacking in revealing why people do what they do. He began a search for better solutions and, in psychology and neuroscience, found that assessing emotions and implicit System 1 processing ... More info

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    Event Title: The Power of Discrete Secondary Feelings (Versus Primary Emotions Alone) in Marketing Products and Services
    Presenter(s): Paul Conner

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