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Print and Eat - Overview, Challenges and Opportunities in Food Printing (CPG261K)

Presented by: Natacha Alpert
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Know more About the Challenges of 3D Food Printing, its Future and How Customized Food Production Will Take Place With this New Revolutionary Technology.

Food is the next frontier in 3D printing.  It's only a matter of time before technology enables us to print molecules in combinations that produce our food and meals. Eventually we will be 3D printing food also in Space. NASA has already started 3D printing food.

This session by expert speaker Natacha Alpert will address the below mentioned challenges and the future of 3D printing food as well as the scope of customized food production with this new technology. You will also get access to PowerPoint reference documents, tips and charts in this webinar.

Challenges in 3D Printing Food:

  • Safety: Each item in 3D food printing, unlike other kinds, can be potentially eaten. Thus, it is important to keep the food safety safeguards heightened here. To achieve food safety, 3D printers must have safety certification along the entirety of the path food material takes through the device.
  • Timing: While you can leave a spool of ABS in your plastic 3D printer for weeks without any issue, this kind of food material needs to be treated differently.
  • Culinary creativity - 3D printing food can add a true element of enhanced detail and creativity with design in food.
  • Structure: While cooking most of the time, the engineering characteristics of the food material are not considered. However, during 3D printing, the characteristics are extremely important. The food materials will be weaker than even the weakest plastics, i.e. 3D printed food will be building objects that have severe geometrical limitations.
  • Designs: In cases of severe geometrical restrictions, the software that are used in creating 3D models for food printing have to account for them.
  • Taste: The output is consumed in this case, unlike plastic 3D printing. It should, thus, taste good. Understanding how this feat will be accomplished even after the material traveling through a machine, is a matter food scientists are trying to understand.
  • Multiple Materials: A food printer will only be successful when it will be able to combine multiple foods into various interesting combination dishes. Plastic 3D printers have in front of them, various challenges to develop multiple extruder capabilities – and nothing less is expected of food printers.

Session Highlights:

  • The state of 3-D food printing today
  • Challenges in 3-D Food Printing
  • Design, Taste and Multiple Materials
  • Applications of Customized Food Production
  • The Future of Food

Who Should Attend

  • Chefs
  • Risk management staff
  • Food industry trade association representatives
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Plant managers and operations staff
  • Food manufacturers and retailers
  • Product developers & designers
About Our Speaker(s)

Natacha Alpert | 3D Printing Fashion SpeakerNatacha Alpert
Natacha Alpert has been in the footwear industry working creatively for fashion brands for the past 14 years with iconic brands including Nine West, Timberland, Reebok and Dr. Marten's. Since, Natacha has founded Miras3d, a consulting company focusing on the bringing together of fashion and innovation - building and co... More info

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    Event Title: Print and Eat - Overview, Challenges and Opportunities in Food Printing
    Presenter(s): Natacha Alpert

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