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Residential and Commercial Solar Electricity: What Every Utility and Building Department Needs to Know about Solar Photovoltaic Systems (CCL873N)

Presented by: Dan Chiras
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, July 29, 2014
Event Description

Steer Clear Of the Most Common Safety Violations

Building departments and utilities are experiencing an upsurge in requests for PV installations and interconnections, respectively. The lack of experience in solar electricity means that officials in building departments and utilities often operate with limited knowledge of the types of systems; proper system wiring, grounding, labeling requirements, and other critical requirements. This session by Dan Chiras, Ph.D. will provide essential details on key aspects of solar electric system design and installation to assist officials at building departments and utilities in their approval of plans and inspection of systems, streamlining operations and saving money.

Session highlights

  • Types of solar electric (photovoltaic) systems
  • Most common PV system configurations officials will encounter
  • System components and safety (disconnects, overcurrent protection, and prevention of back feeding)
  • Wiring variations (inverter and panel connection)
  • Common Code violations to watch out for (based on NEC 2011)
  • Safe wiring practices, especially grounding
  • Proper labeling
  • Are accessible, lockable, visible AC disconnects needed?
  • Common PV system configurations—making it easier to review and inspect plans
  • Most common safety violations—making it easier to inspect systems
  • What to ask for and what to look for in permitting documents
  • Detailed list of essential Code requirements for proper grounding and wiring of grid-connected PV systems from Article 690 and elsewhere (that can be shared with installers)
  • Handout on Code-required labeling (that can be shared with installers)
  • Handout on calculations for labeling (that can be shared with installers)

Who should attend

  • Construction site supervisors
  • State and local regulators
  • Environmental consultants and attorneys
  • Project Engineer
  • C-suit
  • Construction managers
  • Administrative staff
  • Stormwater Program Supervisor
  • EHS Manager
  • Safety professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Dan Chiras | Renewable Energy SpeakerDan Chiras
Dan Chiras is director of and lead instructor at The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building in east central Missouri where he teaches numerous workshops on residential renewable energy, including fundamentals of solar electricity and PV site assessment, design, and installation. Dr. Chir... More info

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    Event Title: Residential and Commercial Solar Electricity: What Every Utility and Building Department Needs to Know about Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    Presenter(s): Dan Chiras

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