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Loss of Productivity Disputes - Stakeholder Responsibilities and Liabilities (CCL750U)

Presented by: Peter Vosbikian
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75 minutes
  •  Thu, July 23, 2015
Event Description
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Insights on Key Components for Proper Evaluation and Establishment of Entitlement Resulting from Productivity Loss.

Productivity loss is a form of impact that often puts the bottom line at risk for what otherwise could be a profitable endeavor for stakeholders. While project impacts oftentimes result in delays to the project, they can also result in loss of productivity. Working with productivity losses however can be challenging since onset may be difficult to detect, and their root cause even more difficult to ascertain. These difficulties bring unique challenges for both-the party attempting to establish a claim for additional costs and the party having to defend against what is often real evidence of cost over-runs, however with only anecdotal evidence to support causation.

This presentation by expert speaker Peter Vosbikian is intended to familiarize stakeholders with identifying and quantifying productivity losses, as well as suggested actions or approaches to consider when productivity losses become evident.

Whether you've experienced a productivity loss and incurred a damage, or received a claim requesting an equitable adjustment due to a productivity loss, this presentation will provide insight on what key components are used to properly evaluate and establish entitlement resulting from productivity loss. It will give further clarity on monitoring, documenting and quantifying the effect of such impacts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Productivity - What is it and how does it relate to inefficiency?
  • Identifying productivity loss - What are early signs you should look for so you can better manage impacts?
  • Following the productivity loss chain - What causes loss of productivity?
  • Understanding the information that should be tracked and the documentation prepared in the event of a claim
  • Quantifying the loss -What guidelines and methodologies are available for quantifying the impacts resulting from productivity loss?

Session Highlights

  • Considerations for appropriate planning to help reduce inefficiency claims
  • Monitoring the work and contemporaneous documenting of productivity
  • Managing risk associated with productivity impacts
  • Establishing a causal link for productivity loss
  • Quantifying Damages - Identifying and understanding methodologies (pros/cons)
  • Considerations when pursuing recovery for loss of productivity claims
  • Review of contractual provisions addressing productivity loss

Who Should Attend

  • Owners
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects / engineers
  • Attorneys
About Our Speaker(s)

Peter Vosbikian | Construction Delay Claims SpeakerPeter Vosbikian
Peter Vosbikian is a Shareholder of GREYHAWK and a qualified trial expert in schedule delay analysis and damages. Mr. Vosbikian has over 20 years of experience in construction, civil engineering, and construction program management specializing in; construction dispute and claims resolution, construction advisory and c... More info

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    Event Title: Loss of Productivity Disputes - Stakeholder Responsibilities and Liabilities
    Presenter(s): Peter Vosbikian

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