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Managing Difficult People: Circa 2007

Presented by: Hunter Lott
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Thu, August 23, 2007
Event Description

As much as we like to give people, particularly our own employees, the benefit of the doubt, some individuals are just tough to deal with personally or professionally.

Whether they’re insubordinate, “gossipy”, “unmanageable”, or just plain rude, such employees can become a cancer in the office and drag normally upbeat, productive co-workers down with them.

Fortunately, managing difficult employees is not complicated. It’s just hard work. They require constant attention in order to thrive.  However, since you don’t have 8 hours every day to focus on a single employee, we’ll share key techniques for managing a difficult employee while still leaving you time to do your job!

Join employment and human resources specialist Hunter Lott as he presents a revealing one hour program focusing on how to manage difficult employees and get out of the “micro-managing” business.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this lively, eye-opening audio conference:

  • Discover 2 questions that will help you understand the motivation of even the most incorrigible employee.
  • The definition of insubordination/bullying and what you can do to stop it before it spreads.
  • The secret triangulation technique for controlling workplace “gossip”.
  • When is enough, enough? 3 clues employees give us that indicate the problem can’t be fixed.
  • Control the whining, sighing, rolling of eyes, moaning, and constant complaining with an “ATTITUDE” policy that should be 50% of any employee’s job.
  • And much more!

Plus: Get a chance to ask your own problem employee questions during the interactive Q&A session!
You're sure to walk away with extensive knowledge that could potentially save you valuable time and money dealing with the daily drama of a difficult employee.

About Our Speaker(s)

Hunter Lott, Hr Regulations ExpertHunter Lott
Hunter Lott specializes in delivering business presentations and training on the legal aspects of management and employment practices. Since 1981, Lott has presented over 3,000 sessions on topics ranging from Interviewing, Attitude, Firing, the ADA and Sexual Harassment to Documentation, Communication and Motivation.Af... More info

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    Event Title: Managing Difficult People: Circa 2007
    Presenter(s): Hunter Lott

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