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EPA's Final Rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Including Reporting Requirements Due March 1, 2018 (CHM186T)

Presented by: Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, January 25, 2018
Event Description

Ensure Your Compliance with the EPA’s Final Rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous waste generator regulatory program was originally promulgated in 1980. Over the last 36 or so years, the agency has promulgated numerous regulations as part of implementing the hazardous waste program. During this time the agency has become aware of ambiguities, inconsistencies, gaps and a general lack of flexibility in the regulations.

The EPA’s final rule on hazardous waste generator improvements revises and updates the hazardous waste generator regulations. This rule is designed to make the hazardous waste generator regulations easier to understand and to provide greater flexibility regarding how hazardous waste is managed to fit today’s business activities. The revisions are also designed to protect the public by improving facility safety as it relates to hazardous waste generation and management. Further, the rule improves the capabilities of the emergency responders by improving risk communication.

The new rule responds to feedback from the regulatory community such as federal regulators and state agencies who implemented the requirements, and other stakeholders such as the waste generating industry, the industry that manages hazardous waste, retailers, the energy sector, academia and many others. All of this represents a significant investment in time and energy that has resulted in many changes in the EPA hazardous waste generator program. You must understand the new requirements and seize the opportunity to save money with the new rule, especially since the new reporting requirements under this rule will have to be satisfied by March 1, 2018.

Join this session with expert speaker Dr. Vince Marchesani who will discuss the changes to the rule and how your facility will be affected. This is a must-attend session if your facility is a hazardous waste generator and is in any way connected with the treatment, storage, disposal or transport of hazardous waste. If your facility generates hazardous waste you’re very familiar with the existing rule and what it takes to maintain compliance.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • The background of the resource conservation and recovery act
  • Provisions to increase flexibility for generators of hazardous waste
  • Improvements in environmental protection
  • Provisions to improve generator compliance
  • Key elements of the reporting requirements
  • Reorganization of the hazardous waste generator regulations
  • An overview of what the final rule does
  • An explanation on why the EPA promulgated this rule at this time
  • The benefits of these revisions to the generator requirements
  • An explanation for how and why the hazardous-waste generator regulations will be organized
  • Details on when the rule will become effective and whether or not the country must adopt this rule

Who Should Attend

Those who have a facility that is a hazardous waste generator and is connected with treatment, storage, disposal or transportation of hazardous waste

About Our Speaker(s)

Vince Marchesani | Environmental Regulations SpeakerVince Marchesani Ph.D.
Dr. Vince J. Marchesani is the President and CEO of Environmental, Health and Safety International, LLC. Vince has held the position of VP, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) at Basell (retired). He has 30+ years of experience in the chemical industry. His educational qualifications include B.S. and M.S. degrees fr... More info

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    Event Title: EPA's Final Rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Including Reporting Requirements Due March 1, 2018
    Presenter(s): Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.

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