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Green Chemistry and Engineering (CHMO40L)

Presented by: Dr. Alan W. Elzerman, PhD
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60 minutes
  •  Mon, November 10, 2014
Event Description
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Get Smart, Go Green

“Green” business makes environmental and financial sense, right from the start with green chemistry and engineering. Incentives go beyond meeting regulations, including saving money, reducing wastes and liabilities, and improved customer, community and employee relations. The first challenge is to understand the fundamentals underlying the mindset and approach. Also useful is seeing successful examples and discovering how to get the right information to get started or make continuous improvement.

In this conference, expert speaker Dr. Alan W. Elzerman will explain the benefits of starting with green chemistry and engineering. You will understand how green chemistry and engineering fit in with smart manufacturing and better public relations.

In this program, you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals behind green chemistry and engineering that underlie all applications
  • Misconceptions about green chemistry and engineering vs. “sustainability” will be clarified
  • Examples of successful applications that will stimulate your understanding
  • What incentives promote the green chemistry and engineering movement
  • How green chemistry and engineering fit in with smart manufacturing and better public relations

Benefits of the session

  • Recognize important trends in manufacturing and business in the “green” and “sustainability” areas
  • Gain insight into what others are doing that can be helpful
  • How does “biomimicry” help
  • Develop ideas on how to get started
  • Better understand how to evaluate green activities
  • See how to make the case for green and sustainability

Who should attend

  • Chemistry researchers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Graduate students in chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Environmental compliance departments
  • Managers responsible for strategic planning
  • Marketing and personnel departments
  • Public relations departments
  • Legal professionals
  • NGO professionals needing to broaden their knowledge
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Alan W. Elzerman | Environmental Chemistry SpeakerDr. Alan W. Elzerman PhD
Dr. Alan W. Elzerman is a Professor Emeritus at Clemson University in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences and served previously as its Chair and the Director of the School of the Environment. He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Williams College in 1971 and his Ph.D. in Wate... More info

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    Event Title: Green Chemistry and Engineering
    Presenter(s): Dr. Alan W. Elzerman, PhD

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