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Globally Harmonized System - Updates, Status, Information (CHM851C)

Presented by: Mark Kozak
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, August 19, 2015
Event Description
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Get the Training to Meet the GHS December 1, 2015 Deadline for Implementation!

Globally Harmonized System (GHS), also called the UN Globally Harmonized system of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, is an international system created by the UN that addresses chemical classification based on the hazard types and harmonizes elements of hazard communication - such as safety data sheets and labels. The GHS aims to provide a harmonization basis of rules and regulations on chemicals at regional, national and worldwide level and is an important factor to consider in trade facilitation.

Trade would become much easier under a harmonized system, as companies shall no longer have to develop multiple labels or safety data sheets (SDS) for each country to which these chemicals might be sent in the course of trade. By providing a proposed universal set of classification and labelling criteria, clarity will exist as to what chemicals are hazardous and how they are to be treated; and also, it will be clear as to what norms shall apply for their labeling. This is thus the best time for companies in chemical manufacturing to ensure that they and their staff are fully apprised with these rules, such that they may be able to comply with these regulations with minimum hassle. Since the deadline for companies to stop shipping with the old labels is December 1, 2015, this is the perfect time to begin compliance training for the new harmonized regulatory regime. Chemical distributors can no longer send out hazardous chemicals labeled under the old (pre-GHS) HazCom Standard post Dec 1, 2015.

In this live webinar, expert speaker Mark Kozak will discuss the changes to labels and material SDS that have been mandated by US OSHA and other international partners. You will learn about the several important updates since the original June 1, 2015 deadline and how you can start compliance training to meet the next December 1, 2015 deadline for implementation. This session will also explain regulatory issues with examples from OSHA labels and also show you the format which you should essentially follow on safety data sheets. Plus, get a detailed PPT for further information on the topic.

Session Highlights:

  • What are GHS and the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and what's its purpose?
  • Major proposed changes to HCS
    • Hazard classification
    • Labels
    • Safety Data Sheets
    • Information and Training
  • What does GHS do, what changes will we see?
  • Whom does GHS affect?
  • Are all chemicals covered by the GHS?
  • Importance of the GHS implementation dates
  • Learn about the new GHS Safety Data Sheet format
  • Understand how the new changes to OSHA regulations pertaining to labeling and material safety data sheets affect your products and responsibilities to your employees, customers and end users of those products.

Industries that will benefit:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Organic & Inorganic Chemicals
  • Polymer Manufacturers
  • Adhesives and sealants manufacturers
  • Chemical based cleaning product manufacturers
  • Powder coating manufacturers
  • Research Organizations
  • Chemical Distributors
  • Warehouses
  • Schools, hospitals, office buildings, and any other industrial or institutional environment

Who Should Attend

  • President / Vice-President
  • Logistics Officers / Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Technical Directors / Service Managers
  • Quality Assurance Personnels
  • Regulatory Affairs Personnels
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Chemists
  • Sales & Marketing Coordinators
  • Toxicologists
  • Anyone who does domestic or international business with chemicals regulated by OSHA
About Our Speaker(s)

Mark Kozak | Globally Harmonized System SpeakerMark Kozak
Mark Kozak has been formulating products and bringing ideas to market since 1995 in various positions in the HI&I and consumer products marketplace. Mark has formulated products for use in the automotive, restaurant, industrial, institutional, plumbing, and building maintenance industries. Mark's education includes a B... More info

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    Event Title: Globally Harmonized System - Updates, Status, Information
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