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Legal Requirements for Cosmetic Ingredients and Labels (CHM261D)

Presented by: Will Woodlee
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60 minutes
  •  Thu, February 11, 2016
Event Description
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Legal Requirements for Formulating and Labeling Cosmetic Products in the United States

The webinar by our expert speaker Will Woodlee will provide you an overview of legal requirements for formulating and labeling cosmetic products in the United States. He will explain the authorities under which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the use of ingredients (i.e., chemicals and mixtures) in cosmetics as well as the labeling of such products. Key concepts will include FDA’s premarket review of color additives used in cosmetics, requirements for substantiating the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics, warning statement requirements, and claims and ingredients that may lead FDA to assert drug jurisdiction over a product intended to enhance the appearance.

You will leave with a solid understanding of the rules governing cosmetic ingredients and labeling in the United States, including the challenges and opportunities that marketers of these products face in formulating and promoting their products consistent with current law. You will leave better informed about the required contents of cosmetic product labels and the level of oversight of the safety of cosmetics provided under current law.

Session Highlights:

  • Must FDA approve the use of a specific chemical or mixture before I may use it in my cosmetic product?
  • How should I evaluate the safety of a proposed cosmetic ingredient?
  • How does the FDA evaluate the safety of a proposed cosmetic ingredient?
  • What must my cosmetic product’s label include? 
  • Do the same rules apply to product samples?
  • Under what circumstances might FDA assert that my product qualifies as a “drug” rather than a “cosmetic?”  Why does it matter?

Who should attend?

  • Employees of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of cosmetic products.
  • Attorneys
  • Regulatory affairs specialists
  • Marketing professionals serving the cosmetic industry
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists, and government employees interested in learning more about regulation of cosmetics
  • Conscientious consumers
About Our Speaker(s)

Will Woodlee | Food and Drug Law SpeakerWill Woodlee
Will Woodlee is a partner in the law firm of Kleinfeld, Kaplan, and Becker, LLP, in Washington, DC. His practice focuses primarily on counseling and advocating on behalf of food, dietary supplement, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical device, tobacco product, and consumer product companies on regulatory and advertising l... More info

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    Event Title: Legal Requirements for Cosmetic Ingredients and Labels
    Presenter(s): Will Woodlee

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