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The Power, Promise and Problems of Biomass and Chemicals (CHM440C)

Presented by: Judith Giordan
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60 minutes
Event Description

Will Biomass & Cleantech Take a Page Out of the Pharma Playbook?

Biomass has spelled hope and frustration for enabling cleaner energy, delivering a promise for greener products and creating a growing economy. Start-ups abound, Fortune 100 companies are lining up to commit to cleaner products, but with venture firms pulling out of the financing mix, there are few dollars available for actual scale and change over. Biomass is seen by some as the most viable source of alternative energy, but with venture capital virtually drying up, this promising solution for cleaner, greener energy is getting farther beyond our grasp.

There are few dollars available for the scale and cross-over needed for Cleantech to really make its mark.  Start-ups are struggling to survive in this challenging environment, while the Fortune 100 wonder what their role should be. The energy market, however, isn’t the first to face such a plight.  Pharmaceuticals once struggled under a similar scenario, but have emerged victorious by rethinking their strategy.

Today, mainstream Pharma has embraced the need for a pipeline of new ideas and products and is working to move away from the “not invented here” syndrome that plagued them and lost market cap and confidence in their companies. Will this trend take root in chemical, materials and energy companies as we seek to move to a mixed feedstock source of biomass and petro-based energy? Or will “not invented here”, cheap natural gas, and fracking keep the promise of biomass at bay?

Is this a US trend or a global one?  And is the US going to miss out on this new wave of materials based on new sources of petro-intensive feed-stocks?

Join us for this 1-hour audio conference to learn answers to these questions and more including:

  • Will cheap, petro-aligned feed-stocks hold the US back from prominence in the next wave of global opportunity from biomass?
  • Can chemical and materials companies benefit from the hard-won learnings of Pharma – that a pipeline from start-ups helps keep profits growing and market cap up and that biomass can be valuable?
  • What will it take for angel investors step up and help fill the widening gap for biomass based start ups?
  • How can academia create the biomass based innovations that companies want?

Session highlights:

  • Insights into the impacts of legislation on biomass use and Cleantech rollout and realization
  • Specific actions corporate R&D and innovation organizations can and must take to lead on biomass utilization and cross over
  • Specific actions start-up entrepreneurs and academicians can take to ensure alignment of their innovation with market requirements and address market challenges

Who should attend:

  • Company leaders in Innovation , R&D and M&A
  • Start-up entrepreneurs looking to break into large companies, commercialize their science or gain market data
  • Angel Investors interested in the chemical and energy markets
  • Academicians and tech transfer offices looking to commercial academic science in the biomass arena
About Our Speaker(s)

Judith Giordan, Chemical Industry ExpertJudith Giordan
Judith Giordan ( ) is Vice President and Managing Director and founder at ecosVC ( ), a venture development and investment aligned firm, co-founder of the Chemical Angel Network ( , and a member of the board of directors and/or an advisor to science and engineering i... More info

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    Event Title: The Power, Promise and Problems of Biomass and Chemicals
    Presenter(s): Judith Giordan

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