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A 5-DVD Bundle, Loaded with Awesome Tips, Tricks and Ways to Explore the Unexplored in Excel 2013

With its tremendous capabilities and features, Microsoft Excel 2013 is a perfect program to boost your productivity. Apart from tons of formulas and functions, there are over 100 lesser known shortcuts that can help you manage large amounts of data and sort/filter large lists in Excel 2013 to ultimately save you time and make you more productive.

To leverage these capabilities, AudioSolutionz offers you a bundle of engaging and educative sessions by Excel expert Dennis Taylor. Learn to manage large amount of data from various sources, handle powerful data management processes easily, and master formulas, functions and shortcuts in Excel 2013. Get extensive examples, helpful handouts and Master the art of using Excel 2013 to lessen your work-time and boost productivity. The DVD bundle explores of hundred of mind-blowing features in Excel, that you never knew existed.

A Quick Glance at the Webinars

Excel 2013
Pivot Tables
Know How to Use PivotTables so that you can Manage Large Amount of Data from Various Sources

Learn to handle large amounts of data easily with PivotTables without writing complex formulas or relying on lengthy techniques. The session will help you learn how to use conditional formatting, slicers, calculated fields and more to boost productivity!

Excel 2013
Power Tips and Shortcuts
Become More Proficient in Excel by Learning all these Shortcuts!

Become more productive and proficient in your professional life with this power packed session! Microsoft Excel is filled with shortcuts and methods not always visible to the casual user. Learn to use accelerator tools, tips and shortcuts using Excel worksheets and workbooks based on real-life data to improve productivity.

with Excel's 2013
Data Management Tools
Learn How to Handle Overpowering Data Management Processes With Ease!

With this session, take advantage of the power of Excel to validate data, sort and filter data, restructure improperly grouped columnar data, eliminate duplicate records in a flash, and use powerful expanded functions to analyze the data in any list, regardless of size.

Microsoft 2013
Excel Charts and Graphs
Learn Tricks to Create Excel Charts with just a few Clicks!

Excel's charts are a powerful and easy-to-use feature that can transform boring numerical data into interesting, eye-catching information. Learn to create charts with just a few mouse clicks and explore which charts work for different kinds of data. Get tips on providing gridlines, add pizzazz to your charts and make them more attractive and impactful.

Excel 2013
Formulas and Functions
Know How to Master Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013!

Get a fresh perspective on different new formulas and functions of Excel 2013, how to use them and also know the depth and scope of those features. Extend your analytical capabilities and become a more efficient Excel user by learning Excel functions through real-life examples, workbook files and other worksheets.

Take advantage of our Microsoft Excel 2013 DVD Package at a never before price of $399 and
learn new ways to boost your productivity and efficiency!
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