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Everything You Need to Know About Legal and Regulatory Compliance in Hydrofracturing in Just $299!
Our special offer of four webinars by expert Dr. Barry Stevens will help you cope with and come on top of legal and regulatory compliance challenges related to hydrofracturing. Understand the regulations that govern shale oil and gas development and how the EPA’s regulations on Greenhouse Gas Emissions affect you and your organization. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of tapping into the potential of wastewater reuse.

Dr. Barry Stevens has deep industry knowledge and front line experience in unconventional gas development (shale gas and coalbed methane), renewable energy (solar, wind, and biomass), biofuels, waste-to-energy, produced water management and treatment, and utility-scale alternate energy power generation. He is a globally recognized coach, trainer, speaker and author, who obtained five U.S. patents.
4 webinars on Hydro-fracturing for just $75 each!
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Hydrofracturing Wastewater: How We Produce It, How We May Abuse It and How We Can Use It

Discover the untapped reuse potential of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing. Learn how reuse of wastewater can reduce water management costs, lower treatment costs, regulatory burdens and conserve natural resources. Discover the challenges and opportunities of wastewater reuse along with cost analysis and federal, state and local regulations that affect wastewater reuse.

Balancing Shale Gas Risks and Opportunities Through Regulations

Understand the important aspects of regulations affecting shale gas development. Get expert insight on managing stakeholder and community resistance effectively to defend against criticisms related to public safety, environmental consequences, and impact on human health, air pollution and seismicity. Learn about operational activities most impacted by regulations, the U.S. Federal landscape, state and local regulations and Home Rule.


Fracking What Makes it Tick: Demystifying the Why's, Technology and Science behind Unconventional Oil and Shale Gas Extraction

Counter the criticisms associated with fracking and shale oil and gas production with knowledge of the methods and technologies used in hydro fracturing. Understand how CO2 injection for onshore oil recovery works, the selection procedures for appropriate sites, fracture mechanics and fracture conductivity and limited entry completion.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Natural Gas: The EPA and the Forgotten Source - The Oil and Gas Industry!

Gain a new perspective on methane emissions in the oil and natural gas industry , whether fugitive, venting or flaring, their impact, sources and remediation in context of regulations and economic incentives. Understand the EPA Control and Reporting Rules for the O&G Industry and their Natural Gas STAR Program.

Stay ahead of the game when it comes to the legal and regulatory ramifications of Hydraulic Fracturing with our webinar bundle!
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