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Best Practices in Student Affairs, Academic Advising, Special Education, At-Risk Populations and Compliance
Bundles of our bestselling education webinars with our expert speakers are available now at a special price of $399 per bundle.
According to many scholars, inequality stems from a faulty education system, while a robust education system and strong education leaders are the key to success. High-quality educational institutions can triumph over inequality, bias and prejudice and overcome political, economic and social barriers to create a generation of students equipped to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

AudioSolutionz's collection of 3x3 bestselling bundles on student affairs, academic advising, special education, at-risk populations and compliance provides a 360° view of changing education trends and an innovative approach to student success and retention. Choosing a bundle of these conferences can help you ensure your institution is prepared to educate the new generation of students.

A Bundle of Benefits

These webinar bundles provide key updates in education law and relevant regulations, and they present best practices that can help your institution address common challenges, including:

Available Education Bundles

Student Affairs
Exploitation or Valuable Experiential Learning Opportunity: Higher Education's Role in Creating Compliant Student Internships

In this webinar, expert speaker Sacha Dyson, board certified in labor and employment law by the Florida Bar, will explore the current debate over the use of internships as a curricular program and some of the reasons behind fostering internships for academic credit.

Final Gainful Employment Regulations: The Metrics Reloaded 2016

Given the well-known flaws in earnings and loan data on which the gainful employment metrics are based, it is critical that institutions are prepared to fully utilize the mechanisms that are available. This presentation by expert speaker Yolanda R. Gallegos will provide an overview of the gainful employment process and identify each juncture where the Department of Education’s data may be challenged.

Building Bridges between the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum: Promoting Partnerships between Academic & Student Affairs

Acquire knowledge and practical tools to implement the tenet that student success is promoted through an intentional integration of curricular and co-curricular efforts. Attendees will be equipped with strategies for coordinating the content and delivery (pedagogy) of the curriculum and co-curriculum in a way that simultaneously supports students' cognitive development and personal (holistic) development.

Academic Advising
Appreciative Advising: The Six Phases that Lead to Student Success

In this webinar expert speaker Jennifer Bloom will discuss how to retain students, one student at a time, and how to partner together in an intentional collaborative effort. Whether you are an administrator, staff or faculty member, you can optimize student learning experiences and help students achieve their potential.

Beyond Retention: An Appreciative Approach within the Onboarding, Orientation and Advising Experiences  

Learn how the "flipped" orientation model can breathe life into your campus partners by offering them the opportunity to truly engage with students. Increase students' confidence to utilize campus support services and to participate in high-impact educational experiences in their freshman year.

How to Develop and Implement a Summer Bridge Program for First-Generation College Students  

Summer bridge programs, like the one discussed in this session by expert speaker Dr. Paz Maya Oliverez, can supplement your existing institutional and programmatic efforts in supporting first-generation students. This webinar will help you build relationships between student affairs divisions and academics, empowering students at the same time by developing their critical college knowledge.

Special Education
Mental Health 101: Recognizing and Responding to Students with Trauma Exposure and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Helping them to Succeed

In this session, you will be provided information on helpful resources and effective self-care practices as well as early intervention and prevention measures. Our expert speaker Peggy Mitchell Clarke will review the signs of PTSD in college students.

Building a Successful Path to Advising the Underprepared Student

About one-third of all first-year undergraduates in the United States are enrolled in at least one developmental course, and among community college students, this proportion is even higher. This session with student assessment and academic success expert Kent Seaver will outline steps that have been successful in assisting "underprepared" students in higher education, with the intent that one college’s success can be replicated by others.

Responding Effectively to Students with Mental Health Issues: Your Role as a Member of the Higher Education Community

This session will help you recognize students who are experiencing emotional distress and effectively intervene with students who exhibit symptoms of mental illness, and/or others at risk for harm. Learn how to make effective referrals for students who need additional assistance or who need to consult with mental health and other professionals.

At-Risk Populations
Campus Facilities and Transgender Students: Creating Safe and Welcoming Spaces on Your Campus

In this webinar, expert speaker Genny Beemyn will share strategies to develop restrooms, residence hall bathrooms and locker rooms in recreational centers and athletic buildings that can address the needs of transgendered students. Genny’s presentation also includes an examination of current social and political concerns and the financial costs involved in modifications.

Supporting Trans Students and Complying with Title IX for Faculty Members and Student Affairs Professionals

This webinar by Genny Beemyn will discuss the complex ways that students understand and express their gender identity today and will offer best practices and policies to support trans and gender non-binary students.

Addressing the Needs of Undocumented Students: Policies and Best Practices to Support Access, Retention, and Graduation 

Paz Maya Oliverez provides up-to-date information about the policies that impact undocumented students in higher education so that you are better able to provide them with information, support and guidance as they pursue their college and post-graduate aspirations. The session will also discuss how state and federal policies impact undocumented students in their state and on their campus.

Using Social Media without violating FERPA

This session by expert speaker Timothy E. Gilsbach will look at social media and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act from two perspectives. Timothy will review the limits that educational entities should and should not place on their employees in terms of what they say or don't say on social media to ensure FERPA compliance.

The Fair Housing Act and Emotional Support Animals in College Housing - Is it Really Raining Cats and Dogs?

In this webinar, expert speaker Deborah C. Brown will review the existing legal requirements for animals in housing under the Fair Housing Act, the recent efforts to apply the FHA to student housing, and how to make sense of these new developments.

Think Before You Type - Are Your E-Mail Practices FERPA Compliant?

Learn how to use email effectively in the area of education and comply with FERPA requirements at the same time. Emails can be considered educational records subject to production to parents and students: Be sure you understand when that is the case.

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