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Get the Best Strategies for Workplace Emergency Planning and Response from Security Expert, Bo Mitchell
A package of 4 bestseller DVDs from nationally recognized security expert, Bo Mitchell to help you in preparing and responding to workplace violence and emergencies.
Emergency planning at your workplace is as important as any fundamental business strategy. Emergency situations can be a matter of life and death: Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook are testimony to this fact. This 4 -DVD package from AudioSolutionz contains four bestselling webinars by nationally recognized expert, Bo Mitchell, on workplace emergency planning and response strategies to prevent these events from evolving into full blown catastrophes. Develop best practices to respond to bombs, suspicious packages and active shooters in your workplace. Learn about and avoid the common mistakes that organizations make in emergency planning and response.

Be prepared for emergencies to minimise losses to human life and to ensure business continuity!

DVD Package Features

Active Shooters & Workplace Violence
How Do You & Your Employees Respond?

This session by expert speaker Bo Mitchell will give you an understanding on how you and your employees should train, exercise and plan for foreseeable and growing emergencies in your workplace. This conference will help you to keep your personnel safe from any likely violence in the workplace, especially Active Shooters.
Protecting Your People & Your Posterior
17 Common Mistakes in Emergency Plans like Yours & How to Correct Them

Given the vast range of standards and regulations that are constantly changing and the looming threat of workplace emergencies and violence, people responsible for creating emergency plans and providing training can get overwhelmed. Bo Mitchell, a well-known expert in emergency training ...
Bombs, Suspicious Packages & Active Shooters
How Do You Respond at Your Workplace

You have a duty of care to plan and train all your employees regarding your response in an emergency workplace situation. A few of the common examples of employer responses that are dangerous: employees who discover then pick-up/transport the suspicious package to your office! The knee-jerk evacuation of your building resulting in sending your people towards the emergency to get them hurt or killed – unarmed employees who confront Active Shooters, etc.
This webinar by Bo Mitchell, homeland security and emergency expert, will help you understand the best practices for responding to bombs ...
Emergency Response and Planning
Dangerous Disconnect: The Public & Private Sectors Don't Understand Their Partnership in Emergency Response at Your Workplace

Public emergency service agencies have constraints on budget and equipment and have limited training and manpower, whereas, the emergency preparedness in private sector is limited to basic preparedness. A dangerous disconnect between the Public and Private sector augurs more injuries and less resilience and longer return to operations in the private sector. Expert speaker Bo Mitchell explores the level of preparedness in both the public and private sectors, dispels myths and recommends ways of fixing the problem of preparedness ...
In today's unpredictable world, efficient management of workplace emergency preparedness, training and response is important. Take advantage of our Workplace Emergency Preparedness DVD Package at a never before prices of $499!
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