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Build a Better Workplace By Upgrading Your Emotional Intelligence

Presented by: Paula Oleska, M.A.
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Mon, May 24, 2010
Event Description

Emotions in the workplace? Yes! Learn to harness them to boost your productivity and creativity!

Our tendency is to suppress our emotions in the workplace, but by doing so, we're discarding an important, beneficial professional and personal tool for success. Learn how to upgrade your Emotional Intelligence and get a leg up on your competition by taking advantage of better self-awareness and increased productivity.

Join body-mind connection expert Paula Oleska, M.A. for this innovative audioconference where you'll learn how your Emotional Intelligence affects your business' bottom line.

  • Learn why we have emotions, and why we should learn to use them rather than suppress them in the workplace.
  • Hear about the current scientific research on emotions as well as Paula's insight based on 25 years of "upgrading brains."
  • Discover where emotions really come from — mind or body? And are they really negative or positive?
  • Find out what the brain has to do with emotions and how you can create better communication between the rational and emotional brain centers.
  • Learn practical exercises you can use as permanent tools to continue developing your Emotional Intelligence on your own.
  • And more!

You'll take away new, proprietary practical tools for each individual to develop their own Emotional Intelligence, and ideas about the implementation of these tools in business.

About Our Speaker(s)

Paula Oleska M.A.
Paula Oleska, M.A., started Natural Intelligence Systems, Inc. over 20 years ago to spread the knowledge of amazing new techniques with gentle but powerful transformational ability. Based on her extensive knowledge of brain development, emotions and movement, she has created a new modality, Brain Upgrade®, and used... More info

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    Event Title: Build a Better Workplace By Upgrading Your Emotional Intelligence
    Presenter(s): Paula Oleska, M.A.

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