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Learn how new applications will revolutionize your digital photo workflow

Aperture — enthusiastically adopted by some of the world’s finest professional photographers — set the standard for professional photo management applications. And the latest version, Aperture 1.5, introduces a wide range of new features. They include more flexible photo management options that let you store images wherever you’d like. XMP metadata export. An advanced Color adjustment tool. A new Edge Sharpen tool. Metadata presets that automatically add such critical data as copyright, credit, and captions. New options for the Loupe that make a great tool even better. Adjustment presets. And many other new and enhanced features. Aperture 1.5 also provides RAW support for more than 50 camera models — from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and other leading manufacturers.

As expected, Adobe announced Adobe Lightroom as an alternative to Apple Aperture. Much like Apple Aperture, Lightroom delivers a complete photography workflow in a modular, task-based environment. Lightroom software has been written from scratch and is not an adaptation of Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom combines features and technologies from a number of the applications within the Creative Suite. The majority comes from Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in and the Adobe Bridge asset manager, though other parts have their heritage in the InDesign and GoLive layout packages.

Like Aperture, Lightroom isn't designed to be a substitute Adobe Photoshop. Both Lightroom and Aperture are targeted at professional photographers, providing a complete workflow solution for managing, editing, and outputting digital images. While both programs excel at managing RAW format photos, they are equally valuable tools for correcting and managing JPEGs as well. While there's some overlap with Photoshop's toolset, neither Lightroom nor Aperture offer layers, selection tools, or a text tool.

Don’t rely on trial and error to learn the best methods for using Aperture and Lightroom’s dynamic features. It’s too costly and takes too much time. In this quick, low cost audio conference titled Aperture and Lightroom: Revolutionize Your Digital Photo Workflow, Ken Huth will show you and your staff how to use the full power of each program in a simple and easy to follow presentation!

Use the easy to fill out sign up form below and get ready for a highly focused session. Here’s a brief sampling of topics Ken will be covering:

  • Are you swamped trying to find your photos? Learn the New Digital Workflow to find and process digital images at light speed.
  • Introduction to Aperture & Lightroom: What they can and can’t do for you.
  • Aperture vs. Lightroom: Which should you pick, how can you quickly learn about them?
  • Powerful Benefits: Start an easy backup system, quickly add and search with keywords, use this ultra-simple way to work with RAW format photos and Jpegs.
  • Alternatives to Aperture and Lightroom for anyone who wants a better workflow.
  • Question and Answers: Got a question? Stick around after the audio presentation to get an answer from the experts.
About Our Speaker(s)

Ken Huth
Ken Huth has been shooting professionally for over twenty years and pushed the adoption of digital photography in Rochester, NY during the past nine years through seminars for his clients and via publications like Exploring Digital Photography. Hundreds of photographers enjoy Ken’s online audio show ApertureCast ... More info

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