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  • I was impressed with how knowledgeable Deborah was on the topic. I have attended another webinar on this topic, but the information provided by Deborah was much more clear-cut; she explained everything really well so that a layperson like me could understand the law.

    - Valerie Floyd, Cleveland TN

  • Speaker was clear and direct

    - Eloica Smith, Miami FL

  • Concise, factual, and easy to understand

    - jeffrey ice, OH

  • As one who has newly become exposed to the process of conducting internal investigations, it was a great primer and staring point to hone my skills.

    - James Neumeister, Jersey City NJ

  • The detailed explanation of each bullet point and topic was a great feature. The Expert was not just reading the power point to me and providing examples and references to additional material like ISO 31010

    - Jason Curtis, Scottsdale AZ

  • Good information about searching for information on the OSHA website and practical insight as well when dealing with OSHA.

    - daniel brown

  • Picked up a few handy tips regarding shortcuts, and some tab functions.

    - Sandra Ritzert, Fairfax VA

  • Valuable content with an excellent speaker. She provided great examples to reinforce her talking points. The handout materials will be a good resource to remember her key points.

    - Cynthi Knight, Tucson AZ

  • It was a good refresher course and reinforcement for writing.

    - Deb Danilson, Des Moines IA

  • The presenter obviously had a lot of experience in T&D.

    - Jordyn Wingard

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