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  • Tuesday, November 26, 2013
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  • 75 minutes
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Plus: Understand the impact of EIV and Change 4

Register now for this 75-minute audio session in which our expert speaker, Mary A. Colon, will guide you through the critical steps required to prepare for your next management and occupancy review (MOR). Learn to compile a complete and accurate property “dossier”—and head off potential indicators of waste, fraud, and/or mismanagement.

An MOR opens up your multi-family housing property—and your filing cabinet—to government scrutiny. Don’t risk painting a less-than-thorough picture of your program administration.

The seminar will teach you how to:

  • Reply to the initial MOR notification letter in a timely manner
  • Provide the documents required for the Desk Review portion of Form HUD 9834
  • Prepare your staff and your property for the On-Site Review
  • Comply with EIV requirements and Change 4
  • Understand the corrective actions prescribed
  • Take post-MOR corrective action
  • Challenge findings through the MOR appeals process

This presentation is appropriate for all multi-family program housing professionals, including owners/agents, regional property supervisors, residential managers, occupancy specialists, leasing personnel, and compliance personnel.

After attending this information-packed session, you will be better equipped to prepare for a successful MOR—and understand the impact of EIV and Change 4 on your review. You will understand the pre- and post-review process, the documentation requirements, the potential for deficiencies, and your recourse for disputing findings. The presentation will provide many useful sample documents, including a notification letter and an MOR binder, as well as a chart of HUD’s MOR rating system.

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Mary A. ColonMary A. Colon has been a Senior Compliance Analyst at U.S. Housing Consultants since 2009 and is well versed on various HUD and LIHTC issues. Her consulting responsibilities include but are not limited to: EIV and Reasonable Accommodations trai [...] More info

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