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  • Pre Recorded Webinar
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  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014
  • Length
  • 60 minutes
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Upgrade your Word 2013 operating skills with Mitzi Katz

Word 2013 has been enhanced with many new features that can improve your work. Learn these new features – where they are and how they work as solutions to your word processing challenges. Whether you are a new or infrequent user or an advanced user, this webinar by our expert speaker Mitzi Katz is designed to get you up-to-speed quickly in making the new features on your own. Make the most of your software upgrades!

Each time Microsoft Office is upgraded, we wonder what they will find to change next, especially with Word. What else can they do? 2013 upgrades were a pleasant surprise. They are shocking upgrades (except maybe the PDF workability); we still have the ribbon with tabs, but there have been changes within that will definitely enhance your work. This one-hour webinar will help users avoid hours of frustration and annoyance by learning the new details quickly.

Session Highlights:

  • The new interface for Word 2013
  • Resume Reading – Welcome Back!
  • PDF Editing – Word 2013 opens PDFs as a Word file with complete editing!
  • Changes in Tables
  • Live Layout
  • Alignment Guides
  • Track Changes – Upgrades for Simple Markup – Finally!
  • Lock Tracking
  • Updated Comments – you will love these!
  • New Design Tab
  • Updated Read Mode
  • New Design in Charting
  • Collapse / Expand File

The attendees will be able to make the most of the session with the help of following tools:

  • PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes
  • No need to read a book on Word 2013 – we’ve summarized the new features for you!
  • A guided tour helps you avoid hunting for commands that have been moved
  • The opportunity to use more than the standard 10% of your software functionality

Who should attend?

  • Users who are transitioning to Word 2013 or are already using it without training
  • New or infrequent users
  • Advanced users – there is something for everyone who uses word processing
  • Administrative assistants, managers, directors, educators, medical, legal, marketing

Anyone who uses Word should take a peek at this quick overview of the Word 2013 upgrades!

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Mitzi Gibson KatzMitzi Gibson Katz has trained thousands of end-users and developed curriculum for over 25 years. Mitzi holds a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in special education classroom and administration. After teaching a variety of special educat [...] More info

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