Retirement Planning 2020: Big Changes Are Coming (MLC541C)

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  • Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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  • 60 minutes
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Five Things to Do Now To Prepare For the Retirement Plan Changes

Thirty years ago, retirement planning was simple and predictable: you had your company pension, personal savings and social security.  Those days are long gone. Pensions – private companies can’t get rid of them fast enough. Personals savings – vanished. Social security – fading fast.

But people are still retiring and now – more than ever before – they need to protect their savings, create income for their retirement, and establish tax strategies which allow them to retain their wealth.

Having enough cash and an income stream that won’t outlive their longer lifespan is the challenge faced by retirees these days. And with a sour economic market, more complex tax laws and rising health costs, maintaining – even establishing – a comfortable retirement won’t be easy.

Welcome to retirement’s new reality!

Retirement accounts in the US currently hold more than $11.6 trillion of untaxed assets.  The cash-strapped government is on a constant look out for ways that will ensure money through income taxes, limiting contributions, excise taxes, and other creative means, to keep the cash flow constant.

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget has riled up the retirement industry. Retirees should be mindful of the key retirement account provisions that are included in the President’s budget this year, because they certainly could happen, and at the very least, they are the best indicators of where the administration wants to head.

This webinar by leading retirement planning expert Rick Rodgers will review the changes being proposed and access the likelihood of the proposals being passed.  He’ll also review strategies that will minimize the impact of changes.

The session will review the 7 retirement plan changes in President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal.  Particular emphasis will be placed on specific strategies that can be implemented to properly plan for retirement.  Likely changes to Social Security will be discussed along with strategies to maximize these benefits.  The future of pension plans will also be reviewed, along with steps attendees should take to make sure their pension benefits are secure.

Session highlights:

  • Five things to do now to prepare for the retirement plan changes
  • What will Social Security look like in the future
  • 8 Tips for safeguarding your pension
  • Does the IRS have a bulls-eye on your retirement account
  • Why tax deferral may not be the best strategy for retirement savings

Who should attend:

    • CFPs
    • Anyone who wants to retire in the next 5-10 years
    • Accountants               
    • Attorneys (Tax and Retirement)
    • Corporate treasurers   
    • Financial advisers
    • Financial managers     
    • Bankers
    • Tax advisers               
    • Human resource managers
    • Business Owners
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Rick RodgersRick Rodgers is founder and president of Rodgers & Associates in Lancaster, PA.  In the past two years, Rick has become a regular guest on various regional and national television news programs, noted for his expert commentary on retirement [...] More info

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