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  • It was quick and to the point. Left plenty of time for Q&A

    - Joe McAbee, Houston TX

  • The instructor.

    - Conan Bickford, Orlando FL

  • Karen's enthusiasm

    - Kirke R Machon

  • I thought the webinar moved steadily and not too fast. I liked the content but, I was hoping to focus a little more on forecasting TL pricing for spot markets. I am trying to gain some more insight on a percentage increase or decrease on rpm prices from year to year.

    - Matt Danner, Pittsburgh PA

  • The instructor was well-prepared and informed us on everything from what OneNote looked like, to how to create our own Notebook with sections and subsections, etc, all the way to showing us how to share notebooks with others for collaboration (which we will definitely use!)

    - Kim, Montgomery AL

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